Like with Alice, the virus did not turn Wesker into a zombie but granted him superhuman abilities such as enhanced strength, speed and rapid healing. Dr. Sam Isaacs was employed by the Umbrella Corporation sometime before the Raccoon City Outbreak. Albert Wesker was an Umbrella spy who had infiltrated into S.T.A.R.S. When Alice meets with Wesker in the Oval Office, he injects her with a serum that swiftly restores her lost superpowers, as she will surely need them in the inevitable final confrontation with the Red Queen.

And what do you intend to do with that? It turns out that Wesker did indeed escape from his chopper. However, it was too late, as Isaacs had already begun to mutate, transforming into a grotesque, tentacled monster who then proceeded to slaughter everyone in the facility, beginning with Slater. The results did succeed in raising the intelligence of the test subjects, but resulted in a stronger infection. He was the CEO and co-founder of Umbrella Corporation as well as being the true mastermind behind the orchestrated T-Virus apocalypse. Dr. Sam Isaacs (clone)Dr. Isaacs

In the final installament of the film series. I still own 50% of this company. Technical Specs. Albert Wesker is the secondary main antagonist in the Resident Evil film series. He appeared as a minor villain in Resident Evil: Apocalypse and the main antagonist in both the Resident Evil: Extinction and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. After Alice discovered herself captured and handcuffed in the brig of an Umbrella tank, Dr. Alexander Isaacs came to check on her. K-Mart then knocked out Bennett and threw Alice's coin-loaded shotgun to her. Based on the character of the same name from the video games, he is a high-ranking member of the Umbrella Corporation with a cool, calculating demeanour and an appetite for power and control over others. With her authority as co-owner of Umbrella, she fires Wesker, thereby authorizing the Red Queen to take action against him. Finally realizing that only the real Alice could bring him success, Isaacs falsified orders from Wesker and took a strike team into the wastes to deactivate and retrieve her. He proceeded to engage in combat with her once Alice escaped from being zombie bait. Company Credits

Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Showing all 2 items Jump to: Quotes (2) Quotes . When Wesker boarded his chopper and made his getaway, he heard a beeping inside his aircraft's cabin and noticed that Alice had already removed the Purge bomb and planted it on the chopper behind the parachute racks. Dr. Isaacs even had a clone of himself to act in his stead while he rests in cryostats, waiting out the T-Virus Apocalypse. Isaacs blamed Cain for the Global T-Virus Outbreak, as Cain was the man who ordered The Hive to be re-opened. Osmund Saddler | Jack Krauser | Ramon Salazar | Bitores Mendez | Don Estaban | Las Plagas | Ganado, TRICELL He also developed a hunger for living flesh and fought to maintain control of himself. He apparently survived because he had injected himself with the T-virus prior to Alice's attack on Umbrella HQ. Opportunistic Mastermind, Head of the Umbrella Science DivisionCo-founder of the Umbrella Corporation, Superhuman durabilitySuperhuman speedLife-support systemsCombat precognitionCloning technology at his disposalHigh intelligenceVast resourcesCombat prowess. That scientist could have easily escaped, had Isaacs quickly let him slip out while the zombie was preoccupied feasting on the first. Dr. Sam Isaacs was a man of cool temperament, being knowledgeable, intelligent, judicious and rationally cruel.

Wesker makes his first appearance in the Resident Evil film series in the third film, Extinction. Start a biblical apocalypse in order to kill off most of humanity by utilizing the T-Virus. Wesker then makes contact with Alice, revealing how the T-virus managed to spread across the world and that Umbrella is now under the control of the Red Queen, the artificial intelligence that Alice thought she had destroyed back in the Hive.

Wesker was not so easily killed, of course, and pulled the knife out of his head before making another lunge at Alice with his mandibles. Albert became the head of the Raccoon S.T.A.R.S.

Er, part one, that is! This in turn made Dr. Isaacs the majority shareholder whereas Dr. Marcus's daughter became the second majority shareholder.

Alice eventually reaches the lowest level of the Hive where she finds Isaacs, Alicia, and also Wesker who is holding Claire Redfield at gunpoint. Soon after Dr. Marcus created the T-virus to be used a regenerative tool for his daughter Alicia, Dr. Isaacs proposed to use it for military purposes. Wesker has taken charge of a resistance group that have barricaded themselves in the White House and are fighting to prevent humanity's extinction, though the former Umbrella Chairman likely continues to plot and scheme for his own selfish gains. It was then that Alice realized that the mutation she took care of was merely one of Isaacs's clones. I don't have to take your orders. Albert Wesker was a top member of the Umbrella hierarchy since the corporation's early years. Dr. Alexander Isaacs is the overarching antagonist of the Resident Evil film series. He had sea-green eyes, and dark blonde hair. A less beneficial side effect of the virus caused Wesker to mutate, developing a series of petal-like mandibles that emerged from his mouth.

Alexander Roland Isaacs His clone, dubbed "Dr. Sam Isaacs", was an employee at Umbrella and in charge of the Nemesis Program and later the Umbrella Science Division, researching methods to domesticate the infected individuals into a working and military force for Umbrella.

Evil-doer While he was unsuccessful in consuming Alice, he did later gain more self-control in later appearances. Dr. Alexander Isaacs is a fictional character of the Resident Evil film franchise who appeared as the main antagonist in the series.

This shows that he truly is deeply religious and believes in everything he says to the Umbrella High Command. Origin A fierce struggle ensued between Wesker, Alice, Chris and Claire, with Wesker's new superhuman powers giving him the clear advantage. Isaacs taunted Alice, telling her that she was not the future as he had previously thought, saying "I am the future.". Wesker reanimated again and devoured Bennett before making his escape, activating the ship's self-destruct device: a Purge bomb like the one that destroyed Umbrella HQ. I know. | Despite Alicia reluctantly agreeing to this, she secretly plated this particular memory inside the Red Queen in hopes that Dr. Isaacs and Umbrella will be stopped. He started feeding on the flesh of the Arcadia crew in order to maintain a balance, so to speak. He was portrayed by Iain Glen, who also portrayed Manfred Powell in the 2001 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Wesker believed that if he ingested Alice - who had adapted to the T-virus on a genetic level - then he could regain full control of his body. Alexander Slater carried out the order, shooting the scientist in the heart and leaving him for dead. Carla Radames | Ustanak | HAOS | Edonian Liberation Army | Glenn Arias, WilPharma Corporation : Resident Evil: Apocalypse Albert Wesker, you're fired. 4D-EXECUTER (2000) ... Capcom could do something mind-bending like bring Albert Wesker back from the dead or giving an excuse of how he survived. Alice still views Wesker as responsible for everything that's happened and promises that she will kill him one day. However, his role in the fifth film is less antagonistic. boss guide: albert wesker part 1 Thirteen years of Resident Evil lore have built up to this moment: Chris Redfield vs Albert Wesker, the final battle. Type of Villain Umbrella soon had bigger problems than one escaped experiment, however.