[31][32], The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is a division of the Australian Federal Police under the Attorney-General's Department. Australian intelligence community is manipulating its China policy in the shadows following the US steps By GT staff reporters Source: Global Times Published: 2020/9/21 0:09:58 0000000878 00000 n The Turnbull account of the birth of home affairs is policy framed by personalities and driven by politics. The public way stations in the history—in which the agencies were weighed and judged—were when reviews or inquiries lifted the curtain. It is divided into three branches each led by an Assistant Secretary: The Office of the Secretary and Chief of Defence Force Group is the integrated diarchy command of the Australian Defence Organisation consisting of the Secretary of the Department of Defence and the Chief of the Defence Force. h�|X�r�8}�W�e��-�/��1�w2���LM\�ښ�DA��I+��ؤ*����AY��$U`�����z�!Q�����ū�����E�e����f�@��JUY\��T��/j{/ ��9Z�J�/�����N��鶦W���.�qs�de�'9�Y�eR�,��t�Tq^�U���ؐ%� H�*���PI^�I��� �&�}��蟮��e\FFej6/�e�~�ͫHzW�4^��c��^瑻7��dp�X�g�?i�̰�h�����7���$Y�q�TOvR�����)�&�H��B3�Ӹ*�Lu�����4���J۹�5ˊ��^���uku��u�i[�5]cԕ��ǎ�Ͷ��(��x-NJN�&"۩t�.8,�~ʂ� �*�Di�e/*l���:����$��Y��n[���������e䭼LU�'qZ/��^�i�"^$0� �SܗuWy}�`,�h���6�0"�i� ���������m�%�� To see how well Turnbull’s creation is operating, Edwards says it’s time for another royal commission into Oz intelligence with ‘far-reaching and open-ended terms of reference’. [14], The National Security Resilience Policy Division is part of the National Security and Criminal Justice Group and is responsible for policy, legislation, advice and programs related to developing resilience to all hazards, including the areas of critical infrastructure protection, electronic and identity security, and protective security policy. 0000003921 00000 n The changes had two separate elements that were brought together at the moment of Turnbull construction: one part was a curtain-up review effort, the other a sweeping act of political creation. The Strategist — The Australian Strategic Policy Institute Blog. The ACTC provides strategic direction to set strategic counter-terrorism priorities, coordinate counter-terrorism policy, inform operational counter-terrorism priorities, evaluate performance on priorities, and identify and fix impediments to effective coordination of counterterrorism. It is chaired by the National Security Adviser and contains representation from all intelligence and security agencies.[8][9]. Tribalism contends with groupthink. %PDF-1.4 %���� Note that half the chapter on reforming the intelligence community is actually a discussion of personality and political positioning. 35 0 obj <> endobj For a taste of the book, here’s Peter Edwards on Hope’s personality, the origins of his three inquiries, the principles of the Hope model and its future. [5], The Australian and New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee (ANZCTC) is a bilateral and intergovernmental high level body to coordinate counterterrorism capabilities, crisis management, command and control, intelligence and investigation functions composed of representatives from the Australian Government, Australian state and territory governments and the New Zealand Government.