They recognized-and purchased-Abstract Expressionist works and Pop Art before those styles became popular. And for we who are silent film buffs, how cool is that?! Thomas Kaufmann. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Below, Chaplin’s home at 1085 Summit Drive, featuring a long tapering lawn sloping west (left) towards a swimming pool at the far end of the property, a separate path leading to his famous tennis court, and a prominent forecourt (right) with room to park numerous cars. Weisman did not allow a major life event like divorce to stand in his way of collecting. In the combined kitchen and family room, where Keaton spends much of her time, it meant the reverse. Lloyd and Warner both enjoyed golf, and divided a full eighteen-hole golf course between their properties, with each maintaining their own nine holes. Our website,, offers constant original coverage of the interior design and architecture worlds, new shops and products, travel destinations, art and cultural events, celebrity style, and high-end real estate as well as access to print features and images from the AD archives. (Was he scoping the place to break in? 310-623-1366. At 30 acres, Dias Dorados was the largest of the estates, and if you are interested there is an exceptional article about it at The couple already owns the main Keaton estate, which was bought for $17 million in 2002, the Times reported. ( Log Out / 

He lost most of his fortune in the 1929 stock market crash, and films were not going to be his financial salvation, because his career was spiraling downward. Mason did not believe the now down-on-his-luck comedian had the money or ability to properly restore the films (Keaton later referred to this incident as a "crowning indignity"). The classic time travel movie was shot all around Los Angeles. 1018 Pamela Way, Beverly Hills, California. A similar appetite for order extends to the planning of her house renovations. Read all about it HERE. While many words have been written about these stately homes, my goal here is simply to share the marvel of seeing them all for the first time in close proximity to each other. At some events, Buster shouted out to guests from the second-floor balcony overlooking the two-story-tall entrance hall, then grabbed a specially reinforced drapery that allowed him to swing from the staircase landing down to the first floor living room. “We used to have poker parties where a man would win or lose $50,000 ($600,000 today) in an evening and either way didn’t worry about it,” Buster recalled years later.

Jason Segel is selling his Los Feliz house for $2.8M, Hollywood Hills home previously owned by Mark Ruffalo, Zooey Deschanel asking $3M, Peep Dita Von Teese’s decadent Los Feliz home, Topanga retreat once owned by Neil Young seeks $1.45M, ‘Hunger Games’ actress selling tranquil two-bedroom in Mount Washington for $1.1M, Dr. Phil’s house with gun-filled dining room for sale for $5.75M. My new dream house. ft., 28-room Mediterranean palazzo Italian villa. The inside was even more lavish.

Be sure to enlarge the 1937 view to enjoy all of the details. The property was subdivided into three parcels when the Masons owned it. Keaton first crawled on stage at 9 months old and, by the tender age of 3, he became a regular part of the family act. At that point I realized I probably wasn’t being terribly kind and that trespassing WAS an arrestable crime – and so turned around and walked all the way back down the driveway. I did research on this neighborhood three years ago and had so much fun trying to map it all out. Desmond Taylor!

Also, how did your bus tour last week go?

Keaton had mixed emotions about the 3.5-acre estate, which was completed in 1926. They had raised the entrance hall ceiling from one story to two, and, in the process, they had created a space that had all the charm of a cardboard box, without a box’s utility. Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd film locations (and more), Green Acres, Pickfair, Chaplin’s Breakaway Home, and Keaton’s Italian Villa, Keaton’s now lost former home at 637 S. Ardmore Place, series of blog posts about classic Los Angeles neighborhoods, Follow Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd film locations (and more) on, Green Acres, Pickfair, Chaplin's Breakaway Home, and Keaton's Italian Villa, Buster and the Three Stooges at the Columbia Ranch - Part 3, Columbo and the Silent Clowns - Chaplin, Keaton, and Lloyd, Marc Wanamaker and Bruce Torrence – Hollywood’s Photo History Heroes, Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin - Four Silent Jailbreaks, It's The Old Army Game - W.C. Fields and Louise Brooks in Ocala Florida - Part One, Talking Buster Keaton – Neighbors @ 24:30, Talking Buster Keaton – The Blacksmith @ 11:30. She actually bought the house when it first came on the market at the beginning of the decade, but she backed out during escrow and let another buyer take it. Seeing a small portion of this large and very personal collection, visitors are easily reminded of one of Weisman’s favorite sayings: “I don’t think there is anything that communicates better than art. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. !” I recall walking up the drive, which eventually led to a porte-cochere; over that porte-cochere were windows and as I slowly approached the opening, I looked up and there was an elderly woman looking down at me, partly obscured through sheers. After Pamela Mason's death in 1996, the Italian Villa was sold by the Mason children and underwent a complete restoration. Davies was known to have the wildest parties in town, often to the annoyance of her neighbor to the south, Louis B. Mayer, who was sandwiched between her and the revelry at the Beverly Hills Hotel. And then I read your post. Buster Keaton standing by the sunken swimming pool at the Italian Villa. When you’re living in a place, you want to have the unique appreciation of life that they bring.” That unique appreciation continues even after dark, when lights are turned on beneath the cactuses that hug the exterior, and the walls are decorated with shadows, as well as light. 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In fact, she is better organized than most Harvard M.B.A.’s, and her hats—20 brimmed hats, two top hats and 34 caps and berets—are displayed as neatly in her bedroom closet as they would be in the best hat shop in New York or London. If you search on Google maps aerial view, you can see that while Pickfair and Charlie’s homes were extensively remodeled, the Pickfair swimming pool appears in the same spot, as does Charlie’s tennis court, while Buster’s and Harold’s beautiful homes, still relatively intact, today stand watch over many other homes occupying their estates’ subdivided grounds.

Be sure to read the comments below, where readers identify other famous homes. Sadly, the Keatons divorced in 1932. The property to the west of Chaplin’s estate originally belonged to Corrine Griffith, but was later purchased by Thomas Ince’s widow Elinor after selling Dias Dorados to Carl Laemmle for $650,000. Buster Keaton, Seven Chances, and Warren Beatty? “Light and dark,” she says. 310-623-1366. Peace at last! Architectural historian David Silverman, of LA House Histories, reports David O. Selznick lived due south of Chaplin (see inset, red outline) while by 1937 Fred Astaire lived immediately next door at 1121 Summit Drive (see inset, maroon outline). Thanks again.

Below, the Pickfair estate at 1143 Summit Drive, the 1937 aerial view rotated looking east to aid comparison. The two of us promptly turned in panic and RAN all the way back down the steep driveway to the street below  We scrambled into the car, hearts hammering, and fled the area without looking back.

They hopped around from house to house and finally settled on building a elaborate estate to rival that of her sisters Constance and Norma.