Associates physical memory with a physical media and its cartridge. Defines the hubs that are downstream of the USB controller. Associates a video BIOS feature and its aggregated video BIOS elements. The CIM Schema defines a common basis for representing these managed elements. Represents a remote file system that is accessed by way of a network-related service. Represents an association between product and support access that conveys how support is obtained for the product. Describes the aggregate physical extent in a storage redundancy group. Manufacturers now want to show themselves as forward thinking hardware developers. Represents a link between the computer system and the installed operating system.

Represents an association between a service access point (SAP) and how it is implemented. The cardinality of the TransparentBridgingService is 0..1 for a VLAN-unaware switch. Causes a system reboot where the software element is installed. Represents an association between a service and a service access point (SAP), which indicates that the referenced SAP is used by the service to provide its functionality. Represents the access points of a clustering service. Represents a physical disk drive as seen by the operating system. CIM_DeviceSoftware: Identifies software that is associated with a device, such as drivers, configuration or application software, or firmware. Represents a collection of Managed System Elements (MSE) contained in a collection of MSEs. Simpler bus and device controllers are modeled using the. Defines a series of operations that transition the software element (referenced by the. Represents the abilities and management of the various media that exist to store data and enable data retrieval. Represents an association between a computer system and its available memory-mapped I/O ports. Represents an explicit relationship in which a component is typically contained by a physical package, such as a chassis or card. Represents the minimum and maximum requirements of a physical element and its ability to support different types of hardware. Represents connectors into which packages are inserted. Represents a single instance of a running program. Represents a logical element that contains information to represent and manage the functionality provided by a device or software feature. A communication point from which data can be sent or received. Represents the abilities and management of the keyboard logical device. Relates a software element with condition or location information that a feature may require. Represents the ability to execute units of a process or task, in parallel. It was back in 2017 when the software giant announced it would be phasing out the app, which strangely enough, Microsoft had only purchased in 2015. CIM_DirectoryAction: Manages directories. Identifies the actions for a software element. This association links an instance of the Transparent BridgingService to the entries of its forwarding database.

Represents an association between a computer system and its available direct memory access (DMA) channels. Represents blocks of media or memory space that are mapped out-of-use due to errors. This endpoint is associated with its networking interface (such as Ethernet) through the EndpointIdentity relationship. Associates physical memory located on hosting boards, adapter cards, and so on. Represents a hardware entity that may or may not be realized in physical hardware. Describes how storage extents can be assembled from lower-level extents. Checks the amount of available system disk space.

CCleaner is a Windows application designed to free up space on your PC by deleting temporary files and erasing private data, such as your browsing and download history and lists of recent documents in various programs.However, it can also give you a list of all the programs on your computer, which is … Represents the functionality provided by a device or software, or by a network, to load an operating system on a unitary computer system. Associates installed or associated memory, such as cache memory with a logical device. Represents the parent class for the system element hierarchy. Represents low-level memory devices, such as SIMMS, DIMMs, raw memory chips, and so on. Represents an association that establishes dependency relationships between objects.

Foldable screens and new dual screen devices have increasingly become the trend.

Represents the abilities and management of a refrigeration cooling device. Represents an association between a service and how it is implemented in software. Classes can be, for example: CIM_ComputerSystem, CIM_OperatingSystem, CIM_Process, CIM_DataFile. Represents an entry in the forwarding (filtering) database associated with the. Represents an association between a computer system and its available system resources. Associates the operating system and one or more processes running in the context of the operating system. Google first announced Ambient Mode back in September, telling the world that the feature would turn Android devices into smart devices whenever they're plugged in and charging. Represents an association between a service and how it is implemented. Represents settings specifically related to an allocated resource that are outside the scope of the CIM class typically used to represent the resource itself. Represents the abilities and management of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Associates a power supply with a current (amperage) sensor that monitors its input frequency.

Represents types of documentation and storage medium, such as tapes, CD ROMs, and so on.