Par après, j'ai acheté l'intégrale en DVD. Jeux concours | Die Hard is considered one of the greatest action films ever made. "It's a Rolex."

It turned out to be empty, but the encounter had triggered a near-death experience for Stuart. C'est un héros livré à lui-même, aidé par un seul pauvre flic, et qui galère, qui ne défonce pas 20 personnes sans se faire toucher.Du suspense, de l'humour (apporté par des répliques cultes et un Bruce Willis en grande forme) et de l'action, on ne s'ennuie donc pas et on apprécie chaque seconde.4,5/5. McClane s’échappe de justesse par un évent de plafond (comme au bon vieux temps) et est récupéré par son chauffeur de limousine Argyle (De’voreaux White).

Black Panther 2, James Bond 25, Ava, The Batman, Suivre son activité Die Hard was singled out for Willis' salary, and the failure earlier that year of the western Sunset, his previous film, which brought into question his capability as a leading man. Crystal: Synthetic sapphire [2], Rickman was already in his early 40s as he made his screen debut as Hans Gruber. The watch is weighty—as the Sea-Dweller, a heavy duty diving tool, always has been—and the caseback sits off the wrist, but the bracelet, with its Glidelock extension, does a good job of keeping it firmly in place. [24] The actors were given some room to improvise, like Theo's line, "The quarterback is toast", Bochner's "Hans, bubby, I'm your white knight", and the henchman Uli stealing a chocolate bar during the SWAT assault. [17] Newsweek's David Ansen called Willis "the most unpopular actor ever to get $5 million for making a movie".

We are gonna explore John McClane in his 20s. [42] His original score incorporates pizzicato and arco strings, brass, woodwinds and sleigh bells added during moments of menace to counter their festive meaning.

However, when Shepherd became pregnant, the show's production was shuttered for eleven weeks, giving Willis enough time to take the role. It should come as no surprise, then, that for its most recent Sea-Dweller—released for the model's 50th anniversary—Rolex has added some never-before-seen innovations. Excellent film de prise d'otage.Malgré le temps et les années, je le visionne pour la première fois aujourd'hui et cela ne se voit pas du tout qu'il a presque 35 ans... 4/5Petit aparté, un peu hors sujet, mais je trouve que la Tour Montparnasse s'en est beaucoup inspiré, beaucoup de choses m'ont fait penser à ce film (sans comparaison aucune). [25][40] Like Aliens, Kamen's score was edited significantly, with music samples looped over and over and cues added to scenes.

[74], The summer of 1988 saw box office grosses totaling $1.7 billion, breaking the previous year's record-breaking summer by $100 million. 780 abonnés [96] A comic book prequel and sequel have been released: Die Hard: Year One is set in 1976 and chronicles McClane as a rookie officer; A Million Ways to Die Hard is set 30 years after Die Hard, and features a retired McClane seeking out a serial killer. Clair De Lune a quelque chose d'absurde et génial, volé à Mel Brooks, aux Monty Python, et aux Z.A.Z.. La qualifier simplement de sitcom, est à la fois erroné, et totalement réducteur :D. Bien que j’entend que la restauration d’un film ne arabise un concept flou pour la majorité des gens, petit point info pour paraître moins bête en soirée mondaine: la restauration d’un film consiste en une opération de numérisation image et son des matériaux d’origines (pellicules donc dans 99% des cas) dans le but d’adapter l’œuvre aux supports de diffusions actuels. Les discussions préliminaires de Gwen Stefani et Blake Shelton auraient duré des mois – était-ce gênant? [65] Hal Hinson called it "relentlessly" thrilling, but no fun to watch. [40] The film features "Christmas in Hollis" by Run-DMC. Though he acknowledged it would be difficult to perform when acting only against special effects. He described it as an intense but fleeting experience akin to "snorting pure oxygen".

Below are some of the finest examples of vintage Rolex watches that can be found in the book. Powering the watch is Rolex’s calibre 3235, billed by the brand as a ‘new generation’ of movement.

[2][3][7] The role was then offered to stars including: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Richard Gere, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford,[6][11] Burt Reynolds,[12] Nick Nolte, Mel Gibson, Don Johnson, Richard Dean Anderson,[2] and Paul Newman.

Leland is written as an experienced older man working as a high-powered security consultant. oui largement mieux que la daube des lethal weapon ou autres pitoyables fast and furious. Tony is sent after McClane, who kills him, obtaining his weapon and radio, which he uses to contact the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The consensus reads, "Its many imitators (and sequels) have never come close to matching the taut thrills of the definitive holiday action classic. His finished draft was greenlit immediately by 20th Century Fox, which was eager for a summer blockbuster for the following year. [34] A stuntman in a slow-fall rig was lowered from Fox Plaza to complete Gruber's fatal descent. The film features the first appearance of McClane's daughter since Die Hard (portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead). [157][158] The film was controversial for its studio-mandate to target younger audiences, requiring much of the violence and profanity prevalent in the rest of the series to be excluded. He had seen her in her Golden Globe Award nominated performance in the 1983 biographical film Heart Like a Wheel. There was a debate over whether to use "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker" or "yippee-ti-yay, motherfucker". The TurboGrafx-16 edition begins with McClane fighting terrorists in a jungle; the NES version offers a "foot meter" that slows McClane's movements after he repeatedly steps on shattered glass. McTiernan was inspired to have it take place over a single night by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. He became exhausted, which left him feeling on "edge". Humbert survives Ruud to come up against Stefanos Tsitsipas in the 2nd round [14] The choice was controversial; Willis had only starred in one other film, the moderately successful comedy Blind Date (1987). [108][109] Only one quarter of Americans polled consider it to be a Christmas film. Based on the 1979 novel Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp, Die Hard follows New York City police detective John McClane (Willis) who is caught up in a terrorist takeover of a Los Angeles skyscraper while visiting his estranged wife. [1] The situation led to an argument with his wife. He famously played detective John McClane in the high-grossing action film franchise Die Hard. CLIQUEZ ICI POUR EN SAVOIR PLUS SUR FOX BUSINESS. Although Willis' high budget Advance Auto Parts commercial garnered high praise on social media, many fans were convinced that he was reprising his role for a sixth Die Hard film. Un héros qui se retrouve pieds nus dans une énorme tour prise en otage, dans laquelle se trouve sa femme.Malgré ça, ce flic n'a peur de rien, il se moque du méchant (un bad-guy qui restera dans la mémoire, qui, aujourd'hui fait parti des meilleurs).

Tandis qu'il s'isole pour téléphoner, un commando investit l'immeuble et coupe toutes les communications avec l'extérieur... L'un des films clès du cinèma d'action et du cinèma tout court pour un 24 dècembre de bruit et de fureur! When his head of staff toured the still-under-construction area, it was littered with broken glass and bullet casings.