Ex-marine makes wingsuit history after leaping from Scottish mountain. Many onlookers were shocked when a bus blew up on a London bridge for a film stunt, but at least no one was hurt. From volcano boarding to cave diving, bungee jumping to kitesurfing, we’ve rounded up 20 adrenaline-packed adventure sports – … Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. Much of the commentary of this event described…, Finke film review: riders daring to fly in a crazy desert race, Everest: I interviewed people risking their lives in the ‘death zone’ during one of the deadliest seasons yet, Winter skiing holidays: how to get ski fit and avoid an injury, Why daredevil skyscraper climbing videos give you sweaty palms, Adrenaline zen: what ‘normal people’ can learn from extreme sports, Swimming the Atlantic is an extreme act of human endurance – here’s what the body will go through, Why danger is exciting – but only to some people, With skateboarding’s inclusion in Tokyo 2020, a, Exploding buses and plane crashes: why stuntmen are the unsung heroes of film, Extreme athletes gain control through fear – and sometimes pay the price, First direct evidence of microbial life under 1km of Antarctic ice. See more. Lonely Planet Writer. You may be a thrill seeker. All going well, Baumgartner will become the first person to break the speed of sound in free-fall. Severe droughts, floods and landslides devastated parts of the world last year as carbon dioxide concentrations climbed to…. You’ve heard of extreme sports, but how about WCMX? BASE jumping from the Rialto: plain stupid or something else entirely. August 2020. Can skateboarding – with its anti-establishment ethos and emphasis on individuality – mesh with the corporatized Olympics? The sports most commonly placed in this group are skateboarding , snowboarding , freestyle skiing , in-line roller-skating , street lugeing , and BMX and mountain biking . Nairobi, Seven marathons in seven days: British runner sets time record, Briton delighted to finish Antarctic trek after missing record by two days, US explorer Colin O'Brady completes first unaided solo trek of Antarctica, British surfer Tom Butler conquers potential world record '100ft tall wave' – video, Hang glider forced to cling on for his life after launching unattached.

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© 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. 0. Red Bull Stratos reports that Baumgartner climbed to an altitude of over…. extreme sports. Mountain biking, helicopter skiing, river surfing, BASE jumping, waterfall kayaking, ice climbing and other extreme sports that put participants at … Alan Dymock One Alaskan mushing family is keeping the ‘last great race’ alive. The dragon's squeezing the lady so hard her, Shipton & Tilman: the Great Decade of Himalayan Exploration, By Jim, The five-mile high octogenarian contest: 80-year-old man begins quest, View from the Sofa: A Grand National main course, but none of the, The Queenstown effect: Andy Flower defends England players amid, Surfer takes world record with eight-mile ride, Branson leads the kitesurfers' revolt as Olympic chiefs reverse course, Windsurfing returns to Olympic sailing line-up for Rio 2016, Thanks to Felix, our next step should be the Moon. Going it alone: What drives solo endurance athletes?

10. Articles on Extreme sports. They include…. Flood waters ravaged Toowoomba, in Queensland, in January 2011. A few visits to the gym or a short jog around the block in the week before departure isn't enough preparation.

Late last week four men entered a restaurant on the 55th floor of the Rialto tower in Melbourne, had a couple of quiet drinks then leapt from the balcony. Home. Home News. They do not normally involve teams and there are very few rules. One does not simply jump from a building … extensive preparation is essential.

A bus explodes on Lambeth Bridge in London during filming for Jackie Chan’s new film The Foreigner. You are here. Long Reads. This is a sport where people ride wheelchairs and do jumps and tricks.

2011 to be remembered as the year of extreme weather. British space scientist killed in wingsuit base jumping accident. Listen to teenager Lily explain how she did an amazing jump. Wingsuit flying might be dangerous but that doesn't mean all base jumpers are hedonists with a death wish. An amazing wheelchair jump. Extreme sports are about exhilaration, skill and danger. Brazilian pro skateboarder Luan Olivera performs a switch 360 flip at the Maloof Cup, a skateboarding competition in South Africa. Why extreme sports can change your life for the better. Extreme sports, also known as action sports or alternative sports, sporting events or pursuits characterized by high speeds and high risk. A documentary about a high adrenaline outback adventure race, Finke: There & Back, provides spectacular aerial imagery and personal insights. Records fall, excitement soars – and Games are on, Asking prices slashed to tempt home buyers from Olympics, BMX: Liam Phillips optimistic of reaching final, RS-X class launches bid for judicial review of decision to throw, Hubbard's Cupboard: Different world when Cane was bedridden after his. See related science and technology articles, photos, slideshows and videos. ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes stands beside his rocket in his roadside launch area near Amboy, California in November 2017. 20 unmissable extreme sports (and where to try them) Lonely Planet. Finke desert racers travel at more than 160 kilometres an hour, risking life and limb. Find the latest Extreme Sports news from WIRED. UPDATE: After adverse weather conditions delayed earlier launch attempts, Felix Baumgartner has finally made his historic skydive.

All rights reserved. Life as a snowboard instructor - what’s it really like? Where did all those 90s rollerblades end up? Ready to feel your pulse racing? Chances are you won't make it through this article without wiping your hands. Life is hardier than was thought only a few decades ago. An equation from the 1890s can help us work out how high Hughes can actually reach with his homemade rocket. We meet the dedicated handlers looking for major honours at the world famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York – and the dogs who have to perform on the big day, At Mexico's beach resort of Acapulco, a group of professional cliff divers eagerly put their lives at risk on a daily basis, performing shows for the public and attracting tons of tourists in the process, The two-time olympic gold medallist beat the previous record by almost a metre, Tom Butler said surfing the wave was like 'running away from a raging bull', Available for everyone, funded by readers, Tim Howell becomes first person to leap from UK mountain using wingsuit and parachute after jumping from 1,032 metre peak, Nirmal Purja says hardest part of his record-breaking feat was solving a diplomatic impasse with China, A film charting Pat Farmer’s 4,600km dash across India piles on the platitudes, reducing an amazing odyssey to nippy travelogue, Channel 4 is betting audiences will tune in to catch the world championships of the childhood game, Briton Tom Ballard and Italian Daniele Nardi disappeared on Nanga Parbat, From transatlantic rowers to cross-continental runners, solo adventurers rely as much on their mental strength as their physical attributes, Captain Lou Rudd becomes just the second person to trek unaided across continent, Endurance athlete took 54 days to walk 932 miles across frozen continent, dragging a 170kg sled, From astonishing tricks to unlikely goalkeepers, via both irate and elated athletes, here is a selection of some of the most popular videos of the year, Chris Gursky filmed dangling from glider for more than two minutes before it could land. Extreme Sports.

Felix Baumgartner set to skydive through the sound barrier – how? The 2019 season has been one of Mount Everest's deadliest for climbers. When a person takes unnecessary risks, and becomes injured or in need of rescue, the expenses for coming to their aid are often borne by taxpayers. extreme sports. Copyright © 2010–2020, The Conversation US, Inc. Finke desert racers travel at more than 160 kilometres an hour, risking life and limb. Ex-marine makes wingsuit history after leaping from Scottish mountain, Super dogs: the race to win America’s most famous dog show – video, 'It's not about ego', says speed climber who tamed world's 14 highest peaks, The Run review – ultra-marathon documentary trips up, Tag escapes playground as Channel 4 pursues viewers with new show, Acapulco cliff divers risk their lives to drive tourism – video, Free climber scales Shard skyscraper in London – video, Free climber scales 310-metre Shard skyscraper in London, Travis Pastrana: 'Jumping from a plane without a parachute is not the scary bit', British Base jumper dies in Dolomites accident, David Wise sets new highest air record in ski quarterpipe – video, Search called off for missing Himalayan climbers.