Browning plans to follow in the footsteps of his former teammate Gary and play basketball professionally for as long as he can. No refunds are allowed because of irregularity in attendance of classes. Francis Marion University policy REQUIRES all students to sign up for direct deposit so refunds can be electronically deposited into your checking or savings account with your bank. The due dates are set for each payment plan and will be given upon enrollment. Violations can result in the arrest and incarceration of the violator. They actually restored all the original walls," Carter said of the courtroom, bathed in midday light on the day of the tour. Also available are personal fax sending and receiving services for a nominal charge. “If you can shoot the basketball, I mean really shoot it, you are basically unguardable,”  Browning says. This law also specified the order of return of the Title IV funds to the program from which they were awarded. In an early January game against Clayton State, Detrek Browning waited calmly behind the three-point line while teammate Brandon Parker battled for a loose ball in the lane.

“Oh, there’s no doubt that the could play at that level,” says Whipple. Checks that have been sent direct deposit will show as “E-Checks”, while paper check will show as “Check” under the Pay Method.

“But you know, coaches look at things … it’s tough. But maybe he’s a little small for a D-I shooting guard, maybe he’s not that fast … So …”. The Smith University Center provides comprehensive athletic and recreational facilities as well as office space for Student Affairs, Athletics, the Student Government Association, the student newspaper, the Patriot Bookstore, and the University Café. Was he a point guard or a shooting guard? Meals can also be purchased individually for a reasonable price. Repayment policy: The amount of Title IV aid that a student must repay is determined via the Federal Formula for Return of Title IV funds as specified in Section 484B of the Higher Education Act. In 1997, the Taxpayer Relief Act established two education tax credits and a deduction for student loan interest.

Subscribe to our Daily Headlines newsletter. And so on. The All Access Meal Plan (Unlimited swipes 7 days a week and $25 Patriot Bucks per semester) is part of your freshman housing package. With that relatively unremarkable basket, Browning became something quite remarkable — the leading career scorer in the school’s almost 50-year-old history. Students who are Housing Residents must have a white decal that displays a number and includes the letter “R.” Residents without the proper decal, displaying an “R,” will be subject to traffic citations and fines if he/she parks in Resident Lots during night and early morning hours. Fax: 843-661-1198 A repayment may be required when cash has been disbursed to a student from financial aid funds in excess of the amount of aid the student earned during the term. A bucket is a bucket. The old Florence federal courthouse will be the Hugh and Jean Leatherman Medical Education Complex for Francis Marion University. FMU has an active campus-wide recycling program in place that was initiated in late 1995 in response to a call by the South Carolina legislature to reduce solid waste in the state. He didn’t play much point for us until his senior year.