Would y'all read these posts if I posted every few days? My punishments are countdown, no stickers, no cuddles for 20 minutes and depending on how severe, sexual punishments. DDLG From A Distance.

I didn't realize how hard it would be to be in a long DDLG relationship. Is the time that you will have together worth the expense and duration of the journey? ".~* -James #daddies #ddlb #ddlg #little #mdlg #mommies. When it comes to rules, I have a few.

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Me in little space, I'm so clingy. I think Ldr brings different closeness comparing if you see them often. from the story Long Distance/ Ddlg/ddlb tips. We'd love to have you as a member, please take a moment to register! If the answer is that it is worth it most definitely then you know it can be true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. In DDLG, one of the most common things I've seen, are how people have rules, and punishments. save. It's even harder being a little and being in a long distance relationship. 3 comments. I also love the feeling of anticipation and that makes us crave each other more. Every month I'll update you on the latest from Submissive Guide and you'll get first access to new resources, offers and events. Distance is one of those things that nothing can really change, except eliminating it all together. Terms Of Use, Improve Your Submission With Early Access Content and Exclusive Bonuses, 5 Ways to Make Long Distance Relationships Work For You, 7 Ways to Maintain a Long Distance D/s Relationship, Connecting With Your Dominant While They Are Away, Developing Effective Communication in Long Distance Relationships, Eight Miles - Looking For a Smooth Transition for Long Distance Relationships, Exploring Play and Punishment in a Long Distance Relationship, Going the Distance - How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship, Handling Absence in a Long Distance Relationship. The reality of long-distance relationships, or any non-live-in relationship, is that you will have to handle periods of absence. Today we’re going to go over something I hold very close to in my heart and that is long distance DDLG. Now, I can only speak about what works for me in my personal dynamic, and my own thoughts and feelings.There is no rule book when it comes to any relationship as each one is different and each of us in the lifestyle does things with a little twist. They have worked. I always get so excited when I get to see him. It's a painful and bitter reminder that you are not together and that your desires for each other have to go unquenched. Some of these are obviously for when we are together. Is there something better closer to home? Does anyone have a favorite littlespace snack? < < <, General advice and tips are all over the site. Being in a long distance relationship is hard enough. I wish more.Daddies would be ok with it as the end point instead of wanting to met up in person. Share. He tells me when it is bedtime and shower time. Announcements/Updates; Educational. Littles typically need a lot of affection and attention. There are rules about technology (has to be turned off half an hour before ni nis), junk food only allowed on weekends (1 treat per day), diapee (only on over night, only allowed to use it just before shower in the morning), sleep in the big kid bed at night (naps can be in the pillow fort), etc. Article. I've had issues with this, how to handle when you tell your little to do something and she's being brat? ), showers and naps and bedtime are on time, chores done on the right days, medicine taken at the right time, class attended and homework done on time, etc. You just have to make it work. Share via Email Report Story Send. Mhm I agree and feel the same way. Caregivers, Mommies, Daddies, adult babies, middles, babyfur, diaperfur, and all other Bigs and littles discuss regression, relationship dynamics, have open group conversation, share experienced advice, and exchange ideas to help one another grow in knowledge. Copyright Policy • | I'm almost annoyingly clingy. Punishments? I'm new at this, he’s a dominant. One thing he does is talk to me like he does when I'm little, especially if I've had a rough a day.

Home; Blogs. I wonder if anyone else feels the same way, thankie again @BearDaddy I glad chu wike ^_^. A fun place where CGs and Littles can give and recive advice on having a long distance relationship in the CGL community! I'm almost annoyingly clingy. by httpTriangle (Inactive) with 1,623 reads. Littles typically need a lot of affection and attention. How to keep the distance from making us distant. Random *.~"never abandon them in their most vunerable state. Any academic or corporate research without the expressed written consent of the copyright holder is prohibited and may result in legal action. Being in a long distance relationship is hard enough. Long distance is so perfect for me. Long Distance DDLG from princessmikeyyy's blog. What are your DDLG rules, punishments, and rewards? 14K Views . USA And Binky alternatives? App/Game Reviews; Shop Reviews; Toy Reviews; My Lifestyle.

Welcome to our community! Please ask. mommies, daddies, ddlg. He has commented on it many times. It's hard to be in a long distance relationship, but when we're together that just makes it even more special. He's  my best friend, my boyfriend, my Daddy and the love of my life.

Sometimes I don't realize he's doing to help me be little because I'm having that rough of a day. LDRs as they are often called can drain the parties involved and cause much stress to see flourish. 8. Snack Suggestions??

How do I know if I'm a Daddy Dom, Mommy Dom, or Caregiver type? share. How Do I Manage a Long Distance D/s Relationship Due to Deployment? little, ddlg, mommies. Long distance relationships are still relationships that require a different approach to develop the same connection and intimacy. Lifestyle LDR has even more negative connotations as people harp on the inability to fully submit/dominate from a distance. I'm here to tell you that they can work. There have plenty of times I was in little space and being on social media has ruined it. I need ideas for punishments for my long distance little. He knows that my nature is submissive. by httpTriangle (Inactive) with 1,356 reads. Me in little space, I'm so clingy. by httpTriangle Follow. The biggest one is stay off of social media. 52408-8574, About Submissive Guide • It's even harder being a little and being in a long distance relationship. 768 10 5. by httpTriangle.

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