Police have described the horrifying scene after a shooting at a crowded Melbourne boxing match, with one man dead and two injured. Sorry! A police officer has been hailed a "hero" after being dragged down the street for 50 metres as he attempted to arrest an alleged drug dealer. Shocking footage of protesters attacking police horses has sparked public outrage, with police now turning their attention to the individuals behind the sickening acts. A man was found dead by the side of a Sydney highway today, sparking an investigation. A Hells Angels leader has been frogmarched by police to a van wearing only his undies and is expected to be deported. A learner driver tried to escape police when they allegedly clocked him at 186km/h in Melbourne’s north, but his cunning hiding spot didn’t work out. A manager who employed the truckie involved in the collision which killed four police officers, who’d pulled over Porsche driver Richard Pusey, has fronted court. In light of the developments regarding COVID-19, and the new restrictions of Stage4 Lockdown I’d like to first say that our thoughts are with those affected by the virus around the globe. As we closely monitor the evolving impact, we are implementing ongoing measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff, while also maintaining the highest level of service to our clients. A man on his way to a hobby store more than 60km from home is among those paying the penalty for breaching Victoria’s COVID-19 laws. Eyewatch is currently operating in 54 regions around Victoria. Threats forced a teacher in the port city of Rotterdam to go hiding after some students objected to a political cartoon displayed in his classroom must not be tolerated. Harrowing video has captured hoons smashing into an innocent motorist and sending them into oncoming traffic while drag racing in Melbourne. Staff at a Melbourne cemetery made a spooky and unexpected discovery while gardening this morning – prompting the police to get involved.

Four teenagers have been charged over a brawl near a shopping centre in Melbourne’s east that left a 15-year-old boy in an induced coma. Four child witnesses will be called to give evidence in the sex assault case involving Masterchef star Ben Ungermann.

Includes arrest reports, jail mugshots and more. To that end, and as more states across the country are closing schools, limiting large gatherings and taking other measures to create social distance to minimize the spread of COVID-19, we have asked some staff to work remotely in the short term. for over 35 years.

A group of maskless and shirtless youths have been pepper sprayed after a wild brawl broke out at a popular Melbourne beach. Lockdown I’d like to first say that our thoughts are with those affected by the virus around the globe. On behalf of all our team at Crimewatch Security, We wish you, your teams the health and safety of your loved ones. Federal police have smashed an online child abuse network, with 14 men facing more 800 charges and 46 alleged victims identified. He was supposed to keep prisoners in line — but instead a guard took cash to sneak in banned items for a long-serving inmate near Geelong. The brutal stabbing of a 46-year-old man in the Melbourne city centre was followed by another bizarre incident in a dramatic Saturday night for police.

Melbourne, Florida 32935 321-409-2200 Neighborhood Watch Promotes Neighborliness! The rock was stolen on June 8 in 2015, after two thieves smashed their way into the Crystal Caves business. Katherine Abdallah fatally stabbed her cousin Suzie Sarkis insider her Sydney home in 2013. A woman has been charged after a man riding a motorised scooter was killed in an alleged hit and run in Melbourne’s CBD. Police have new information into the brutal murder of a grandmother, who was found bound and savagely beaten, nearly two decades ago. Police have swarmed a Victorian suburb and a school is believed to have been sent into lockdown over reports of an armed man nearby. The Neighborhood Watch program is an effective way to get the community involved in crime prevention. Legislation that would stop families of deceased sexual assault victims speaking publicly about their loved ones has been slammed by Adrian Bayley's mother. advancements so that we can offer you, our clients, the best possible solution for your home or office. Our team continually keeps up to date with the fast-paced technology. Two men have appeared in court accused of a shooting that police say left a man “millimetres” from death as he left church.