Large pools follow most of the big rapids allowing you plenty of time to set up for the next rapid or to get regrouped after that unexpected, out-of-boat experience or upside down raft.

– The “scenic” section ends at Chunder, a fun vertical drop that can be easily scouted on the right. Just make sure you remember to smile when you get to Chunder! Again your guide will prepare you to conquer this rapid. Mile 1.5 Take-out: Below Greenwood Bridge Skill, experience and quite a bit of luck is involved. This was my second time rafting with Sierra Whitewater and it was just as great as the first time! Use code SSW10 for 10% of your total when booking online! Mile 0.7 This has been one of the BEST experiences EVER. – The river rushes to the right over a boulder bar and into a cliff that sheds large rocks. A nice set of wide stone steps leads up to a parking lot.

Mile 0.2 Mile 13.2 Next you’ll be heading towards Last Chance. We hope you enjoyed your American River rafting experience with Sierra Whitewater.

This is a great spot to watch how the various guides and rafting companies negotiate the portage.

Black powder was used to blast through the cliff wall, diverting the water out of the oxbow so it could then be mined for gold. 15 minutes Greenwood to Auburn. – Always a fun run down but don’t fall out. Are you ready to raft the famous Tunnel Chute? The Tunnel Chute rapid is just 1.5 miles in from the put-in.

Strict age requirement of 12 years+ and over 90lbs. The rapids on the Middle Fork are created by large boulders and natural slides with the exception of Tunnel Chute.

Dropping into Tunnel Chute on the Middle Fork American River is no different, though your incipient lack of beer is a remote satellite to your universal concerns. My buddies Dan and Kade and I recently got back from a four day road trip. Photographers are a separate entity and cannot be guaranteed.

The blasted a tunnel through the narrow part of the horseshoe and then blasted a chute in the bedrock to divert the river to their new tunnel.

Beautiful creek that carries a lot of water from the snowmelt in the spring.

If you're looking for a whitewater adventure, the Middle Fork American river trip is the one you want! The staff was great, super friendly... 8:30am sharp in the behind the Raley's Supermarket in Auburn (ample free parking available), Return-to-Start Shuttle • Raft • Paddle • Personal Flotation Device • Lunch • Drinks, Bathing Suit/Shorts • T-shirt • Old Tennis Shoes (no flip flops) -, Sun Protection • Dry Clothes & Shoes • Towel • Plastic Bag • Water -, Please advise us at least 72 hours in advance, We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We do offer camping rentals as well, inquire for a detailed rental list.

You can read more about our cookies and privacy policy, Multi-Day South Fork American River Rafting. – This rapid was created by some industrious miners in the 1890’s that wanted easy access to the gold rich river bed at Horseshoe Bar. The tunnel was initially blasted out by gold miners to allow them to more easily harvest the gold from the bed of a long meander in the river.The GoPro actually makes it look less exciting than it is :-)Here's a description of the trip guide's name was Jeff Webber, and I can't recommend him highly enough. The Ruck-A-Chucky Rapid is an unrunnable Class VI 30 foot waterfall.

Carls Crash (Class III) and never stopped smiling despite newbie comments, dumb jokes, and what must be a pretty boring day compared to non-commercial runs like Finally we’ll arrive at Ruck-a-Chucky campground around 3:30 to 4pm. All our food is fresh, local and homemade! Mile 4.1 Guests always walk around. Season: May – September Great all summer Class 4 whitewater rafting on the Middle Fork American River. Chunder is immediately followed by a mandatory portage of Ruck-a-Chucky, a 30 foot waterfall onto jagged rocks. The portage itself is about 100 yards long and takes about 30 minutes depending the number of boats you have. After lunch we’ll jump back in the rafts and head off to Ruck-a-Chucky Falls. Start times are based on dam releases that provide sufficient water for rafting so don’t be late! Our Sierra Whitewater cook will prepare delicious chicken or turkey and a variety of salads. There are restrooms for everyone to use. Flows: 900 – 2000 CFS, measured as release from Oxbow Dam

Make sure you hang on tight! Distance: 18 miles Once we set off, all boats will stay together as we head downriver. North Fork of Middle Fork Canyon Next, your group will carry the raft down to the water. Mile 0.5 One of the most notable rapids on the Middle Fork American is the world class Tunnel Chute.

There are many sharp rocks hidden in the chute…so think twice before you decide to fall out or swim it. The sharp rock walls in the chute make this a rapid that you don’t want to swim.

Tunnel Chute Rapid on the Middle Fork of the American River There is an easy portage path and viewing platform on the right. Ice cold drinks will also be provided. Rafts go down the center left side of this rapid. This is a man-made rapid created during the mining days of the late 1800’s. – This is a fun rapid that can cause a few problems if the raft ends up in a bad spot. Just below it Tunnel Chute Rapid awaits so when your guide asks you to paddle – make sure you listen.

Santa’s Mustache (Class III) Some kayakers say that the portage is easier, though exposed, on the left side, but that was before the portage path was built.

Remember to smile for the camera! Self camping is $15 per person, per night. Deposit is required to rent equipment. Mile 15

Wilderness beauty and big drops are the promises when rafting the Middle Fork of California’s American River. 45 minutes Auburn to Oxbow This wilderness 17 mile run offers some of the best summer long advanced whitewater in the state. Mile 0.0 Mile 13.3 Oxbow Put-In – Arrive and get ready for a fantastic day on the Middle Fork. Good idea to paddle well. Kanaka Falls (Class IV) Finish it up with a freshly baked brownie to give you some energy for the next section of rafting. The Middle Fork American River is rated a Class III-IV river and runs through Tahoe National Forest. Tunnel Chute (Class IV) Doodlebug Dredge (historic landmark). Mile 0.1 Then we’ll jump on the bus and drive you to the launch area at Oxbow Reservoir (about 45 minutes). – Make sure you hold on when running the more aggressive line, if not you are sure to fall out or the raft will flip if you all fall to one side. Then we’ll be ready to hit the rapids! – This rapid used to be un-runnable, but became merely V+ after high water re-arranged big boulders in winter of 1992. Difficulty: Class III/IV Guide will unload the rafts and hand out gear to the rafters. The Middle Fork – American River. Shuttle Out: 50 minutes Greenwood to AWE. When we arrive, we’ll set you up with your helmet, paddle and personal flotation device.

Our first challenge is going to be Morning Glory. For information on rafting the Middle Fork of the American please check out: I guess I will start by talking about the positives of this run. The first five miles along with the last two have great rapids!!! We recommend bringing additional cool weather clothing in April, May, September & October. Shuttle In: 90 minutes AWE to Oxbow. This Class V rapid was created when miners blasted the mountain range so they could get gold down the river easier. The head guide will deliver a short safety briefing to the whole group before we assign a guide for each raft. We’ll keep heading downriver and hitting more splashy rapids along the way in preparation for the famous Tunnel Chute! Read below and take a VIRTUAL RIDE rafting down the Middle Fork American River…. If you have a request for a specific guide, let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to organize it. Rapids start out from the get go with a fast splashy rapid called “Good Morning”. Old Greenwood Bridge – Greenwood Bridge site, where a useful bridge washed out in the 1964 flood after Hell Hole dam failed. This is a man-made rapid created during the mining days of the late 1800’s. Mile 8.1 Come with us on a 18 mile spectacular whitewater rafting trip down the scenic Middle Fork of the American River.

This is an amazing rapid and interesting place that all serious California rafters should visit at least once. Mile 3.0

Copyright 2020 American Whitewater Expeditions. We’ll smash through thrilling Class IV plus rapids like Tunnel Chute, Kanaka Falls, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and more!

Stretch: Oxbow to Greenwood Bridge

We’ll keep cruising down the river and experiencing more exciting rapids. You can portage this rapid via right side trail. Chunder (Class IV) Middle Fork American River Rafting - Tunnel Chute - YouTube Some commercial outfitters ghost-boat their rafts over the falls while some guides are comfortable running it. Before this rapid became less hazardous, several kayakers had tried to run it; all died or became partially paralyzed.

These rapids demand skilled guides, good paddling technique and world class equipment. In addition to the bigger rapids there are also numerous Class II rapids scattered throughout the deep canyon. Ruck-A-Chucky Falls (Class VI – portage) Mile 1.4 One of the most notable rapids on the Middle Fork American is the world class Tunnel Chute. enters the river here. Don’t worry – your guide will prepare you before you get there.

The rapids on the Middle Fork are created by large boulders and natural slides with the exception of Tunnel Chute. Middle Fork American River: Tunnel Chute ... Waiver Form. Awesome guy, did a great job of getting us through safely (and sufficiently wet!) First Flip or Orange Wall (Class IV) There is a new portage trail on the right that can be used to carry your boats. Put-in: Oxbow Powerhouse One of the highlights of the trip was a commercial whitewater day trip on the Middle Fork of the American River with American Whitewater Expeditions.This video shows one of the first rapids we encountered, the Tunnel Chute.

The whitewater rafting run that starts just below the Oxbow Powerhouse and includes rapids like the Last Chance, Tunnel Chute, Kanaka, Chunder, Ruck-A-Chucky Falls and heaps more. We’ll meet up behind the Raley’s supermarket in Auburn at 8.30am sharp and start by getting all the waivers signed.

Gradient: 23 fpm average, pool and drop Last Chance (Class IV) – This is a near vertical drop that can easily flip or surf a raft. After your safety talk and paddle talk, you’ll be on your way. Overnight camping is available at River’s Bend with hot showers and flush toilets.