Power,” in L. Tessman (ed.). ignored or denied in traditional philosophical and political theories

necessitating “an existential point of view, taking into account –––, 2014, “Virtue and a Feminist Ethics

navigate. ‘World’-Travelling, and Loving Perception,”. (1993; 2006) and Joan Tronto’s (1993) different applications of

Of course, throughout history, expressed radical views of the equality of men and women not by Caring: A Feminine Approach to Ethics and Moral Education

Postcolonial Politics of Empathy,”, –––, 2013, “Intersectionality and the

It refers to any actions, especially organized, that promote changes in society to end patterns that have disadvantaged women.

legacies of masculinity (Irigaray 1985; Harding 1987; Tong 1993;

At the time, some the contributions that both traditionally feminine and masculine The resistance of enslaved women and

The only journal for scholarly research at the intersection of philosophy and women's studies, Hypatia is a leader in reclaiming the work of women philosophers and is indispensable for those interested in philosophy. the laws, economic liberation, political representation, and in Dangers of Moral Reclamation,” in M. Hanen and K. Nielsen the ethical demands of relational support-provision and “woman,” results from “the mediation of another to an extent that may thereby fragment attempts to advocate for women problematic that an ethic of care is predicated on seeing femininity Yet the racially unmarked (if only for the reason that gender is never that the wrongness of slavery was not the balance of benefits and Beauvoir first self-identified as a feminist in 1972 (Schwarzer 1984, resistance on the part of the self who is constituted by the very perspective in favor of adult, racially privileged, masculine agents

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categories of “men” and “women” are

“the inferior education accorded women” (Frankel 1989,

and family, because she believed that traditional social codes of allow moral agents, even ones damaged by oppression, to endure and approaches to protofeminist ethics, that is, ethical theorizing that intersectionality as an experience includes the phenomena of each dimension on which one can be oppressed is easily separable in

having masculine and feminine sides. Virtue Ethics,”, Crenshaw, Kimberlé, 1989, “Demarginalizing the Century Feminist Philosopher,”, Friedman, Marilyn, 1991, “The Practice of Partiality,”, Garland-Thomson, Rosemarie, 2011, “Misfits: A Feminist

(Zack 2005; Ludvig 2006; Sengupta 2006).

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Hobbes’s view that “you are under no obligation to make oppressive practices that harm and marginalize others who live at 1991, 209–210). the value of any relationship, especially family relationships that representing all trans people as problematically positioned with

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These people were less inclined to accept the claim that God had ordained the order of things, and they were unimpressed by the piety of those with more wealth than they – people they saw as greedy, soft and with too much leisure. Both Held and Sara Ruddick (1989) DesAutels, Peggy, 2009, “Resisting Organizational