Rather one retreats to the insalubrious but defensible, perhaps impregnable, Motte. Can A COVID Vaccine Kill Gold And Silver?

And like in gold, the Monetary Metals Silver Fundamental Price rose, 44 cents to $17.25. We have made this argument. Our answer is to define terms and present explicit arguments. That’s what makes the motte so easy to defend. GDP and the S&P index are observable numbers that anyone can see. The broad assertion implies that the dollar is the unit of account, the measure of value, the store of value, and the extinguisher of debt.

It was easily defended, but not a pleasant place to live. If it were, then why did the Fed have to become the. While such tactics are not new, they are becoming a weapon of choice as political disputes morph into hashtag wars. Those almost anodyne claims turn out to be deeply divisive because they can provide linguistic cover for far more controversial corollaries: abolishing the police, suspending due process, or voting for Donald Trump’s border wall. And the gold market is deep and liquid. And nearly all transactions between parties domiciled in different countries. does not actually defend the assertion. Which of the many fallacies promoted by modern mainstream mongers of monetary magic fall into this category? And hence little opportunity to speculate outside of agricultural commodities which are subject to the weather. ", He wrote that the simplest way of setting up a Motte and Bailey is through the arbitrary redefinition of a word. You have to say you agree that the dollar is medium of exchange, but that this is not the assertion under contention.

Keith is a leading authority in the areas of gold, money, and credit and has made important contributions to the development of trading techniques founded upon the analysis of bid-ask spreads. Most people can see that corporations won’t serve customers better, if they choose unqualified people based on race or gender.

A vitally important area: money and credit. So they move to the motte. One that comes to mind is the assertion that we have a free market in credit. “I saw this as being a feature of belief systems in general that worried me,” Shackel said in a phone interview. Like in a medieval fortification, the motte is an easily defensible position and the bailey is where people want to live. GDP and the stock market are rising.

Why has the interest rate been falling for four decades? He is an Objectivist, and has his PhD from the New Austrian School of Economics. No argument there. It only makes it seem as if it has been defended. Being dark and dank, the Motte is not a habitation of choice. That the dollar is money, and gold is not.

Contents. “Your arguer might claim that the critic is himself a fool or morally deficient for rejecting or calling into question the obvious Motte claim that everyone agrees with,” he said. This usually indicates speculators repositioning. (These terms do not apply to outside articles linked on the site, nor to any photos or images that appear with articles.). rising interest rate) does not compensate for previous price increases (i.e.

At a time when Black Lives Matter was taking shape and social justice activism was taking over college campuses, Slate Star Codex noted that the Motte and Bailey “is a term for the thing social justice does.” The “thing” the blog had in mind was the redefinition of two common words – privilege and racism -- that were expanded and deployed to cow people into submission. "It is scary to see how the belief systems that motivate people are able to defend themselves against the obvious refutations that can be given. If it were, then why did the Fed have to become the pawn shop of last resort? In this example, the motte is that our beliefs about right and wrong are socially constructed, while the bailey is that there is no such thing as right and wrong. This writer was recently treated to a Motte and Bailey during the course of reporting an earlier story that looked at teaching elementary-schoolers to celebrate gender pronouns and gender fluidity. Who doesn’t want to make America great? [3] In 2005, Shackel described the reference to medieval castle defense like this:[2].

We are talking about the Motte and Bailey Fallacy. The motte-and-bailey fallacy stems from the discrepancy between a strong position and a weak position. It is not true that rising GDP and rising stock market mean that the economy is good, much less that the monetary system is sound.