He is one of the draft’s wild cards as he’s got tremendous size at the point guard position and shows solid ability to play the position.

His ability to get everyone involved and then look for his own offense when his team needs a basket is a tribute to his basketball IQ and feel for the game. Maxey brings a lot of intrigue with his ability to isolate and create baskets, and shows a lot of enjoyment in playing. He’s got good size and athleticism, but some wonder whether he has the speed to contend with NBA point guards. He figures to be a modern day 4 with the speed to cause mismatches and get by 4s at the next level. He shot over 40% from 3 in three of his four seasons at TCU, proving to be a knock-down perimeter shooter, finishing his career at 43% from long range. He shot 36.1% from 3 in his one season at Arizona but has a crisp shooting stroke that should translate to the NBA's extended 3-point line. In 2004, the 30th team was added to the NBA and became eligible for the draft - this was the Charlotte Bobcats, now the Charlotte Hornets. As you’ll see, our writers have differing opinions on various prospects in this year’s class.

He's a super-athletic forward who dunks everything -- he actually led the nation in dunks -- and consistently makes jumpers in pick-and-pop situations. For example, heading into the 2020 draft, the Boston Celtics own the Memphis Grizzlies' first-round pick - except it has a protection for picks 1-6.

Vassell didn’t put up huge stats for Florida State, but who does?

Auburn was just 1-2 without him in the lineup. His jump shot is a bit unorthodox, but he was an efficient scorer in two seasons at Iowa State and shot 43% from 3 for his collegiate career. But, in the simplest terms, I'm a believer in Mannion just figuring it out and working to find a long-term role in the league, and the Bucks could stand to add a traditional point guard to the roster led by two-time NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounpo. he has solid bounce with the ability to posterize opponents if they doze off. Trades can lead to a single squad drafting multiple times in the same round or not at all. But Stewart's high motor, incredible production, and better-than-some realize skill set should keep him in the top 20.

He shot just 42.7% from the field and a mere 29.2% percent from 3-point range. While his 12 ppg doesn’t jump off the page, he showed a willingness to play within the framework of the team and appears to have a good deal of potential left to develop.

For a different perspective, check out NBA.com's other draft expert Eric Fawcett's Mock Draft 2.0. He brings a lot of versatility with the ability to defend multiple positions and play as both a three and a four. But his assist-to-turnover ratio improved as the season progressed.

He’s young for his class, and despite a lot of point guards being available, he figures to find a spot in the first round.

24, but shooting below 30% from 3-point range at Kentucky and struggling to really show he could be a primary distributor hurt his stock a bit. Charlotte locks up the third of the big three prospects in James Wiseman and upgrades its center position in the process.

Okongwu proved himself as a legitimate offensive threat through an entire season at the college level and appears to have the higher floor and ceiling as a scorer at the next level.


He still has to put a number of things together to play at a high level and transition from prospect to player against pros. Vernon Carey would've been a top-10 pick if he were born 20 years earlier. He is one of the draft’s premiere run/jump athletes and plays with a lot of energy. Isaac Okoro was only a borderline top-40 prospect coming out of high school in Georgia. Lost your password?

Why the Mavericks take Josh Green: Dallas has a strong international slant, and it’s obviously working extremely well.

He also averaged over one block and one steal per game his freshman season at Memphis.

He has the profile of the type of player that a team drafts only to watch him struggle before finally finding himself and seeing his best years come with another team. He’ll need to work on extending his range but the athletic profile makes him very intriguing. His playmaking and ball handling is more than just impressive for a player of his size. Covering the impact of coronavirus on the sports world. 2: It seems like he may be the most likely big man to slip to this range because teams aren't necessarily prioritizing bigs in the 6-10 range.

He’s an upside pick as there’s still a lot of development left and he may take a while to realize his talent, especially on the offensive end of the floor. Perhaps the lack of talent around him added to his struggles as he was asked to carry the scoring load, and opposing teams were able to focus their defenses to stop him. Stewart's a physically mature, big-bodied 19-year-old who can block shots and provide an imposing presence in the interior as a rebounder and finisher. And second, it probably makes more sense to roll the dice and see if Anthony falls to them, and keep a pick that could end up being in the 4-8 range in a better (2021) draft. The Knicks currently have Elfred Payton, Frank Ntilikina and Dennis Smtih, so it’s unlikely that the Knicks feel they currently have their point guard of the future. He’s a talent, with one of the highest ceilings of any player available. Okongwu is a big man who can do a little bit of everything. At 6-foot-9, he's capable of scoring off the dribble as an attacker or shooter - that's not something you see every day. if his body develops. His decision-making is a plus, in addition to his court vision and passing. The draft has come a long way since then. All rights reserved. He’s got a massive wingspan and utilizes it well to block shots as well as grab boards and finish plays at the rim. There’s also the chance that the Hawks and Warriors could swap picks with Atlanta targeting a big like Wiseman or Okongwu at 2, with the Warriors moving down to target Toppin or Avdija, and Atlanta including some assets. He's a solid enough shooter to keep opponents weary of him and has no trouble creating his own shot.

The 2020 NBA Draft Lottery was held on Thursday, August 20th. He's strong and explosive and fits the mold of a power forward in today's NBA. He has a nose for the ball and is a pest on that end of the floor, averaging over one steal and block per game this past season at Florida State. And another good sign is that Lewis was really productive as a sophomore -- averaging 18.5 points, 5.2 assists and 4.8 rebounds for an Alabama team that finished 60th at KenPom.

Originally, the NBA draft did not contain any foreign-born players, but as time has gone on, the draft has increasingly globalized. By using NBA sites, you are agreeing to our revised Privacy Policy<\/a> and Terms of Use<\/a>, including our Cookie Policy<\/a>"; His mobility on both ends is what separates him with an ability to handle the ball on offence and successfully switch pick-and-rolls on defence. And, for what it's worth, scouts acknowledge guarding in space could be a problem. Led all of college basketball in win shares last season. 2020 Extended NBA Mock Draft: 2.1 By: ... He’s intriguing because of his potential to impact the game on both ends of the floor.

He’s an agile and mobile big with a huge (7-foot-3 wingspan) frame and appears that he will be able to add strength without sacrificing mobility. He came into college as one of the highest rated recruits, having spent time as the top player in his class according to certain recruiting analysts.

Ball figures to find a spot in the top 5, depending on team need, and a GMs willingness to roll the dice and wait on his talent to develop. Is he tall and/or explosive? The second edition of this Mock Draft has plenty of movement in the first round, as well as a few new names entering the conversation. And spending a late first-round pick on a wildly productive one-and-done player (who was also a heralded high school prospect) seems like a sensible move. But Oklahoma City has so many first-round picks in upcoming drafts courtesy of the Clippers than the Thunder can afford to take a big swing on a naturally gifted prospect like McDaniels. – The 2020 NBA Draft is set for November 18th. Hughes is a 22 year old junior who lacks great upside but has a polished skill set. He's a confident ball handler who works well in pick-and-rolls and rarely forces offence. Bey really made a name for himself in August at The Academy, coming away as one of the players that NBA scouts were most intrigued with. So it was just bad stuff on top of bad stuff on top of bad stuff.

Mannion is an excellent shooter and is competitive, he may need some time to adjust to the speed of the NBA, but brings a lot of intrigue with his skill level and feel for the game. Developmental player who likely doesn't get out of the first round. Even in an age where some teams look to play smaller and faster, his game still translates because of his speed and potential as a perimeter shooter. 2 pick on a traditional center when Golden State knows its most-effective lineup includes Draymond Green in the middle. He’s not the fastest athlete but has a very physical and bouncy body and really punishes opponents utilizing his powerful frame. ... 2020 NBA Mock Draft : ... McDaniels is abnormally tall for a Small Forward but his height helps him become more versatile both on offence and defence... SEE MORE. So the sample size is on the smallish side, which isn't ideal. The Raptors have shown they don't shy away from guards who may lack picturesque measurables so with Kyle Lowry nearing free agency and Fred VanVleet already there, might be smart to hedge against potential outgoing players in the near future with someone of his ilk. Carey was extremely steady all year for Duke. Ramsey could potentially develop into a defensive stopper, a la Marcus Smart over time, which would fit into this bunch better than a more offensive minded prospect. But he's an undersized big who can play multiple positions.

He's an aggressive and physical perimeter defender who takes pride on that end of the floor. Hampton is a combo guard who uses his explosive first step to score at the rim. What makes him a more difficult prospect to evaluate is projecting whether or not he can improve upon his shooting form, which would greatly enhance his ability to create offense for himself. Maxey came into Kentucky as one of the headliners, having built up a big name in AAU and competing for USA Select basketball. If so, they could do a lot worse than to select this draft's VanVleet, i.e., a physically underwhelming point guard who really knows how to play, evidencing being that he won at a high level in college. While he only shot 32% from 3 in his lone season at Florida State, his mechanics are there to be a good spot-up shooter in the NBA.