This Is How To Get An Instagram Sponsorship, Tips To Avoid Being Pickpocketed and The Best Anti-Theft Purse, Blanket to sit on (the rocks can be uncomfortable). Like crazy people, we chose to visit our friend in Sacramento and ended up here in Auburn (about 45 minutes away) at this swimming hole to cool off.

The water is cool and does not have much of a current, so its quite relaxing. Swimming within the buoyed area is monitored by lifeguards daily in the summer months and on weekends only in fall and spring. It is recommended that you check official websites before venturing out to ensure the parks are open. The spring-fed water of the McCloud River is certainly chilly, but it is inviting and refreshing on hot summer days. While Emerald Bay is accessible from May through September, you'll have to work just a bit to access park amenities. Located at 4,400 feet on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada, North Fork Campground is a cozy camping option in California’s Gold Country. To find this swimming hole, take Hwy 49 South out of Auburn towards to Foresthill Bridge (that big, tall, green bridge in the photo above!) Located on the North Fork of the American River, North Fork Falls is a secluded and picturesque stretch of tributary on the western slope of the Sierra. Bring $10 in cash just in case there isn’t a ranger at the station, because a ranger will come drive by and check for passes on cars! Meeks Bay Campground, the day-use beach offers easy access for launching watercraft such as stand-up paddleboards and kayaks. Bliss State Parks as one of Tahoe's West Shore standouts. YOUTUBE . Here, a lesser known swimming hole awaits. I love the Gold Rush country of California. Located a mile upstream from

Yankee Jim fled for Southern California and continued his life of crime. It's popular with gay men. Grab lunch at The Pour Choice or a cold craft beer at The Annex. The easiest follows the edge of the creek after exiting the tunnel of vegetation. It got over 100 degrees in San Francisco which like NEVER happens!

With easy access from both the campground and day use parking area, both beaches are well suited for families and for launching boats. A fine place to spend a warm summer day, horseshoe-shaped Meeks Bay draws campers, swimmers, and beachgoers to enjoy the clear waters and recreational opportunities found in the area. Lying just north of Emerald Bay State Park, D.L. Type: Wild, Recreational: Designated: November 10, 1978 : 1838 map from Britannica 7th edition, when the river was called Buenaventura River. All those names mean the same place! Jumping options range from 5 to 20 feet in height. While the upper pool requires a scramble up rocks to access, the lower pools are family friendly and easily reachable from the trail. Adding to the natural beauty, Emerald Bay is surrounded by glacially carved granite peaks that rise steeply from the water's edge. Highway 49 Crossing swimming hole a bit too crowded or you're simply looking for a quieter scene, head down the Golden Chain Highway another few miles to the Oregon Creek Day Use Area. Remember to pack out everything you bring in!

North Fork American River: National Wild and Scenic River. BUT it is a fun, new spot to swim in! It's a good idea to verify water quality before swimming any time of year. Leave a comment or DM me on Instagram @thewhimsysoul and I’ll be happy to help! The swimming hole is accessed by driving down into the river canyon from the Standish-Hickey SRA entrance, and parking is at the day-use area adjacent to

These swimming holes are perfect for a summer day trip or camping excursion. Potem is a beautiful watershed to experience any time of year, but summer is when Potem is at its best, with a postcard-worthy pool at the base of a sheer 70-foot waterfall. website. The river is in the bottom of the valley, so hills are towering over you and it’s just such a unique, serene place to visit. And if a break from that intense Lake Tahoe summer sun is in order, shaded picnic areas equipped with charcoal grills are located behind the beach. Since this is the area where the North Fork American River meets the Middle Fork American River, there are some small rapids. The falls are split by a fallen tree that has been made into a makeshift staircase, providing easy and fun access to surrounding cliffs. Bliss welcomes campers, beachgoers, and hikers to this scenic stretch of Tahoe shoreline. Polished, house-size granite boulders and enticing emerald pools are what you'll find at the Highway 49 Crossing, a scenic and accessible stretch along the South Yuba River. A short but steep trail down to the hole with rugged cliffs around. Those are a little farther up the beach and are fun to ride down on a float! Rubicon Trail from D.L. Sugar Pine Point and D.L. I am from Bay Area as well trying to explore a new place to swim Head past the gate on the ranger station side to find a nice, easy-to-walk slope down to the water. The state park can also be reached via the Lie out on boulders to warm up after a cool dunk. Here’s what you should bring with you: Since this is part of the Auburn State Recreation Area, there are tons of state trails you can hike in the area. Vikingsholm, an impressive historic Scandinavian mansion-turned-museum, and the bay houses the only actual island found in Lake Tahoe.

Love all the information! Changing water levels, unseen rocks, and river bottoms that have shifted with currents and seasonal weather can turn a well-known jumping area into a serious hazard. The campground lies on the bank of the North Fork of the North Fork of the American River under a forest canopy of cedar, pine and fir trees.

Richardson Grove's main swimming hole is located across from a jumping rock with a deep pool below. Larger than both Lower and Upper Falls in drop and breadth, Middle Falls is an incredibly scenic 40-foot waterfall with a curtain-like appearance. Given it's depth, the swimming hole is in the shade for part of the day, and with the chilly spring-fed water of the McCloud River, Upper Falls is best enjoyed during the peak summer heat. Runoff from the nearby watershed can boost bacteria levels in the rainy season. Emerald Bay State Park is well known as the home of Input your search keywords and press Enter. This swimming hole is beneath Yankee Jims Bridge.

The American River Confluence is my FAVORITE Northern California swimming hole. During hot summer months, visitors' attention will likely be drawn beyond the shade of the giant redwood trees toward the South Fork of the Eel River, where a stretch of tranquil swimming holes and beaches offers respite from the heat. Lower Falls, Middle Falls is the second in a trio of waterfalls referred to as McCloud Falls, on the Upper McCloud River running southeast of Mount Shasta. Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area Swimming Hole. Swimming holes and cliff jumping can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable outdoor activities that pose significant risks to health and personal safety. A quarter-mile walk across the river plain and a seasonal footbridge brings you to the swimming hole.

They tend to camp out here all day long with the family. Beyond the main pool, other shallow pools both upstream and downstream offer additional swimming options. *UPDATE May 29, 2020: Due to COVID-19, many campgrounds and visitor centers remain closed, but most trails and public beaches are open. In fact, you just may see gold panning in action, as it is still practiced in the area by hobbyists and tourists alike. If not ranger is there, you must self-pay with cash and one of the stations.

Those seeking to escape the heat will enjoy swimming out and around the waterfall's veil crashing down into the pool, and the rope swing provides Tarzan-like aerialists with a pendulum toward the pool's center. DM me on Instagram @thewhimsysoul and I’ll be happy to help! Are You An Influencer? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Middle Fork of the American River will rise dramatically every day due to dam releases upstream. If you see straight swimmers simply move farther downstream. The swim facility is closed from November through April. A lot of locals bring coolers with drinks and snacks along with chairs and floaties.

The surrounding bedrock is popular for jumping with heights ranging between 10 and 20 feet. There is a lot of parking space on either side of the road and will probably be a lot of cars! McCloud River Three Falls Hike, Upper Falls offers a quieter, more sheltered swimming hole compared to it's waterfall counterparts downstream at Middle and Lower Falls (see below). It cost $10 per car as the swimming area is in the Auburn State Recreation Area. The Sierra Foothills are just so stunning and pack so much history that I didn’t have growing up in Wisconsin. Open seasonally from June through October, North Fork Campground can fill up with visitors The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office says 26-year-old John Nguyen was swimming in the south fork of the American River on April 28 when he was pulled away by strong currents. Got questions? Richardson Grove is one of Humboldt County's beloved redwood state parks. PS: I’m PRETTY sure this is a dog-friendly area as every time I’ve gone, there’s been dogs swimming. A beautiful, albeit hot, summertime destination, Standish Hickey is home to an enticing swimming hole that will help alleviate that midday summer heat. crystal clear water from mountain runoff. You can also try visiting the Yankee Jim’s Swimming Hole further up the river. North Fork American River, Colfax. Summer weekends and holidays often bring a crowd, but the broad beach provides plenty of room to find your own lakeside oasis. Named after a miner from 1850 who found gold a few miles away from this spot, he was run out of town by miners for stealing. flickr/cats pics 2008. Located on the North Fork of the American River, North Fork Falls is a secluded and picturesque stretch of tributary on the western slope of the Sierra. And swimming holes like the American River Confluence are a fun perk of this area! View of the American River from below the Guy West Bridge on the Sacramento State campus. Since this is the area where the North Fork American River meets the Middle Fork American River, there are some small rapids. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and nature trips and is best used from March until November. Thank you for your help! The water is pretty clear here, so if you have goggles, bring ’em!