Online Businesses for Sale. The seller is free to use the suggested price or set their own as a starting point for negotiation. The pandemic accelerated trends. If you’re interested in operating your own online business but want to fast forward through the formative years of generating traffic, profit and customers then consider purchasing an online business for sale. By creating an account you agree to Exchange Terms of Services.

Learn more about the sales process. Flippa is a global online marketplace where individuals and business owners buy and sell websites, online businesses and other digital real estate. FE International is a website broker with a 94.1% sales success rate that offers a fully personalized sales process to ensure that the buyer and seller get exactly what they were looking for out of the sales process. Example of auction sites you can go to bid for an online business for sale: Buying an online business for sale through a broker is a much more personal experience than purchasing through a marketplace or auction site, and it’s a much more individualized experience for the seller as well. Our focus is on high customer value, excellent product quality and a well positioned and profitable shop. Just like it takes a certain kind of entrepreneur to build a business from scratch and work through the long hours of hustling and grinding through the business creation process, the same can be said for an entrepreneur who’s ready to step into a thriving and profitable online business and is capable of scaling its growth. Where does revenue and traffic data come from? Send me top listings and other updates. Exchange Marketplace, powered by Shopify, is the marketplace where entrepreneurs offer their ecommerce websites for sale to interested buyers.

Digital Exits is the brokerage to turn to position your company for a high-value sale. Whether it's falling asleep at night or while you're out for a run, ProHeadband will revolutionize your headphone experience. Flippa was the first-ever marketplace used for selling websites, and they’re still one of the best. Know everything that the sale of the online business includes such as the website, any employees, social media channels, supplier lists, an email newsletter, the domain rights, intellectual property rights for trademarks, patents, logos, etc. Now you’re prepared with the knowledge and information you need to know to find an online business for sale or to put your own online business for sale.

Buying an online business for sale can be relatively easy (especially if you shop around on some of the marketplaces we list below) and exiting the online business at a later date can be just as routine as well. The product solves a frequent occurring problem people have. Highly passionate niche store, on its path to seven figures. You need an account to send offers and receive messages. Make sure it meets your criteria: First and foremost, check if the online business for sale meets the criteria you outlined in the step above. I have ads and documentation to provide you with on how to manage the store. The store has made a total of $400k+ with 40% profit margin. German Store: We started this brand in the beauty and health niche. What do I do if the seller isn’t responding? We couldn't find anything that quite matches your search.

SideProjectors is also a great place for sellers to go to list those projects that they put a little bit of time and effort into but didn’t totally build out into a fully-fledged business so they can get a little bit of a return on their investment. BizBuySell is the #1 online … This brand is a general store; the most highly profitable and easy to manage e-commerce store possible. to sleep, and for daily activities. Buyers and Sellers can communicate through a secure messaging system to share their business context, history, and future opportunities.