executespan>executing warrants is not a high priority for the police, and takes resources away from their main task of fighting crime. Napier's priority in the publication of the logarithms is unquestioned and only one other contemporary mathematician seems to have conceived the idea on which they depend. A variation from this was provided as soon as the priority bonds should become extinct; but these bonds having since been repaid (as mentioned below) by a further issue of unified bonds, this variation lapses. The independent character of the attack on current abuses also suggests priority to the work of Ezra in 458. The Cattle Semen Bank collects semen from bulls of breeds on the Trust 's Priority List. Both of these are original and indispensable, but egoism has the priority, since there must be egoistic pleasure somewhere before there can be altruistic sympathy with it. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

urban foresters have a responsibility to give priority to disadvantaged communities that are currently gaining the least benefit from the urban forest. DfID is currently revising its 1993 policy statement on green housekeeping to reflect the high priority the present Government has placed on environmental matters. Provide new and safe off-road walking and cycling routes, and give more priority to pedestrians and cyclists where they cross main roads. It springs from the same school of thought as the Apocalypse of Baruch, and its affinities with the latter are so numerous and profound that scholars have not yet come to any consensus as to the relative priority of either. Having placed action chits, then place priority chits indicating the order in which units will attempt their actions. A hair powder may extend the wearability of your style one whole extra day, so consider them a priority if you love your length but moan at the thought of frequent blowdry styling. As security for the service of the new reduced debt it was provided that an international council should be formed, composed of one delegate each from the bondholders of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy and Turkey, and one representing the " priority bondholders," a term which will be explained later. The first priority in treating any fracture is to address the entire medical status of the patient. Priority in a sentence 61. When purchasing a gemstone for a ring, especially a diamond for an engagement ring, you should place your priority on clarity and quality of the diamond before the carats or size. With a baby on the way, Quinn's and Martha's top priority was a locality where they could raise a family in a large and comfortable home. These cookies do not store any personal information. In addition to these financial rewards, there's also priority sale notification, a birthday gift, exclusive offers and shopping event invitations. Make it a family priority to check on your pet before you leave the house and upon your return. of most importance. Keep in mind that honesty isn't always a priority on these sites, so don't believe everything you see and hear. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits.
The priority will be to accommodate international and unwaged delegates.

Although I like to go out and have a good time, working and paying bills is a priority over everything else. Price and Packages: The affordability of the photographer is a big priority. How to use priority in a sentence. Reducing this cost is a priority to help balance our dollars. In the increasingly bureaucratic quagmire in which we live, an up to date will should be everyone's number one priority. seine Schriften (1843), in which he maintained the chronological priority of the second gospel, and sought to prove that the Apocalypse was written by the same author. The Decretum forbade their alienation to lay proprietors, denounced excommunication against those who refused to pay, and based the right of the Church upon scriptural precedents.6 The decretals contained provisions as to what was and what was not tithable property, as to those privileged from payment, as to sale or hypothecation to laymen, as to priority over state taxes, &c. 7 Various questions which arose later were settled by Boniface VIII. The past is all gone.Being happy is the top, 7. Although I like to go out and have a good time, working and paying bills is a priority over everything else. 2 quarterback a top priority.

When you're expecting a new addition to your family, comfort will be your top priority. On the Details tab, scroll down until you find the process for which you want to change the, The terms of Agreement for the use of United States Postal Service shipping supplies is as follows: I understand that. There has been a long period in which such work has been accorded low priority. Our new manager says his top priority is promoting a culture of accountability within the department. If you have children with your spouse, child support payments have a higher priority. Every school accords high priority to the quality of teaching. Respect for each other, our heritage and education are priority. Getting food,(sentencedict.com) medicine and blankets to flood victims is the most urgent, 28. level of activity. The owner/waiter/host makes pleasing his guests a top priority. resounding endorsement by Local Groups Conference 2004, the Big Ask will be FoE's priority for 2005. auxiliary forts should be accorded a high priority. But what is this priority of claim? Priority is given to working environments seen as high-hazard ones. While some financial experts will tell you that aggressively paying down your mortgage is a first priority, others will tell you that it's a low priority because of the potential tax benefits of having a mortgage. Anyone who has a video game addiction has one priority: the video game. In 1906 a further modification took place in the shape of the final and complete repayment of the priority bonds by the additional issue of £T9,537,000 of unified bonds for the purpose, taken firm by the Ottoman bank at 86.

Long term priority: - developing a taxonomy of error in primary care.

minimizelogy evolves so rapidly that vendors concentrate on time to market, often minimizing that time by placing a low priority on security features. laying especial emphasis on the priority of mind to body, and on the absolute and ultimate dependence of mind as well as body on the existence of God.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Priority | Priority Sentence. Spending time with your family is your top priority, and LoveToKnowKids has just made it even more fun for everyone! For anyone who wants to be in a movie, the first priority is finding our where the auditions are. The monarchs on whom the privilegium was conferred received a right of priority with respect to the provinces first discovered by them. - A… Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " His main priority is keeping his family safe. Spending on water and sewerage infrastructure is a major government priority. You can also organize your lists by date, category, subject and priority. In accordance with this decision, Biarni Heriulf son's adventure should be eliminated, the priority of discovery given to Leif Ericsson, and the honour of being the first European colonists on the American continent awarded to Thorfinn Karlsefni and his followers. Finding a Moontide reversible tankini is a top priority for many because these swim tops are very stylish and vibrant in their appearance. Since it is expected that children will work, often beginning at a very young age, education is not a priority for the families of Middle Eastern children who struggle to make ends met. Working during college can be a great way to save you money, but remember that your first priority needs to be your academics. It 's on my top priority to-do list, along with, ahem, getting the bed fixed and finding some therapy.

If a breeder shows his cats, he's likely to place a high priority on breeding good quality animals. Interestingly, one of the FE respondents felt that this was not necessarily a priority for FE as numbers are traditionally smaller. unsuitable accommodation for any homeless person in priority need from April 2008. up-and-coming talent is a special priority at the MPS. No matter which option you choose, you'll need to make saving a priority when you're living on a fluctuating income. destroyed by the tsunami, providing adequate shelter has been a key priority. Grades should be your most important priority; if a job is taking too much time, consider cutting back your hours or leaving.

12 examples: The rewritten atom is necessarily the one with the optimum priority value. middleman fees and receive fast priority treatment. The rule of priority has therefore been adopted. But Leibnitz's conception of the priority of spirit had too little foundation, and the different elements he sought to combine were too loosely related to one another to stand the strain of the two forces of empiricism and materialism that were opposed to his idealism. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Examples of priority to in a sentence: 1. 443 168 The priority should probably be assigned to the Orosius, but the point has been much debated.

Therefore, any opportunity to examine in plan sites where vertical stratigraphy is likely to survive should be considered a high priority. remains a key priority for the Government. Velcro should take priority over laces if you have a particularly young child, and they should have a fastening mechanism that your child can handle on his own. While kids cussing may seem to be a low priority in terms of behavior problems, it should still be addressed.