His shooting splits are good and can improve (possibly a dark horse for the 50-40-90 club).

Okogie may not be amazing on the stat sheet, but he provides a great defense that every team wants. With the NBA set to return to action in late July, the focus has once again returned to the playoffs. We’re about two-thirds of the way through the NBA season, and it seems like we’ve seen enough of the rookies that we can re-order the 2018 draft. But, Sexton was never advertised as a great passer. On the surface, Collin Sexton has been one of the pleasant surprises of this rookie class. 2 Sacramento Kings, The Bull’s big man doesn’t possess the same type of potential that his higher-ranked classmates have, but Carter has been a solid starter through two seasons. 5, Dallas Mavericks (traded to Atlanta Hawks). The 2018 NBA Draft was one of the most loaded talent-wise in recent memory.

36, New York Knicks. You’ll probably notice that Ayton’s counting stats are better than Jackson’s, and Bagley’s are about the same.

As Phoenix’s roster improves, so will Ayton. Actual pick: Deandre Ayton His counting categories don't leap off the page, but he's a capable ball-mover, a rugged rebounder (particularly for a 6'2" point guard) and a dogged defender who can torment at least three positions. Despite playing only 49 games in his career, Porter has already produced per-36-minute averages of 19.2 points and 10.7 rebounds.

His advanced stats are not good, though, especially defensively. But his upside is enormous, and he has all the tools to capture a Defensive Player of the Year Award. It’s not just a ranking, it’s a re-draft, so the fit matters. Graham had a lackluster start to his career, only scoring 4.7 points per game on 34 percent shooting. Luka Dončić and Trae Young are both projected to start in this year’s All-Star game, and plenty of other sophomores are making huge impacts on their teams. As the famous saying goes, beggars cant be choosers. Putting Luka with Fox and Hield would be unbelievable. His passing needs to improve, but Sexton can score at the NBA level and do it in bunches. As an encore, Doncic has grown from being a historic freshman to simply historic.

Ayton ended up 4th mostly because of fit. Los Angeles Clippers: Duncan Robinson. He’s a career 43.8% shooter from deep, and his shooting alone makes himself a great value pick at 13. Having a go-to skill might speed up his development, but he can help as someone who does a little of everything.

The former undrafted guard has found a home in Miami, averaging 15.5 PPG and shooting 36.2% from three. In less than 82 games, Bagley has complied per-36-minute averages of 21 PPG, 10.8 REB, and 1.3 BLK per game. DiVincenzo screams winner. They had Dennis Schroder at PG who has proved to be a solid player. There were many surprises, with some players being a draft “steal” and surpassing expectations, while others were “busts” and have failed to live up to expectations so far. Originally the 54th pick, Milton didn't lock down a regular NBA gig until this past January, but during the month-plus he had one, he broke out in a big way. Philadelphia 76ers: Wendell Carter Jr. 13.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Rodions Kurucs, 24. An awful, awful look for the Chicago White Sox organization, and the second DUI for Tony La Russa. As a rookie, Jackson Jr. fouled too much, but once he can control his body, he will challenge for the Defensive Player of the Year award. JJJ is a unicorn of sorts, and he’d be great with Fox, Hield, and Co. in Sacramento. Actual pick: Luka Doncic (traded to Dallas) That tells you all you need to know.

Other 6’11” rookies to hit 36% on 2+ attempts? 1 pick instead of Deandre Ayton Here's what the 2018 NBA Draft could have looked like with the benefit of hindsight Ayton mostly lived up to the hype of being the first overall pick and would still be a top three pick of the class was redrafted, even if he doesn’t currently look like the best player from that class. Despite getting traded to the Clippers in the blockbuster Tobias Harris deal, Shamet has done nothing but score since going pro. Ayton: 30.9 min, 16.4 pts, 10.5 reb, 1.9 ast, 59% FG. Actual pick: Tray Young (traded to Atlanta Hawks) He's improving as a transition attacker and slasher, but his three-point shot could determine his future (career 27.4 percent). Shamet has shot an astounding 41 percent from three and has scored 9.1 points per game for his career. Give him a jumper (career 31.1 percent from three), and he might have an argument for the top 10. Sexton's actual draft slot: No.

His effortless stroke has led to 49.5% shooting from the field and 42.2% beyond the arc. He has provided good defense while being one of the top scorers for the team.

Sexton has lived up to expectations so far, averaging 17.8 points per game in his sophomore season. Robinson’s Heat teammate Kendrick Nunn is one of the best feel-good stories in the NBA. Journalist & PhD candidate at UMass Amherst.

But we'll forgive Sexton's lack of team success (for now, at least) since he's been given the impossible task of leading the Cleveland Cavaliers' post-LeBron James rebuild. Shamet still needs to work on other parts of his game, but at the moment he’s doing just fine. Your email address will not be published. That’s a terrific percentage for a big man and one that even guards fail to accomplish.

In that off-ball role, Huerter would be great for Philadelphia. Los Angeles Clippers: Duncan Robinson, 20. Actual Pick: Mikal Bridges, traded to Phoenix for Zhaire Smith + a pick, Huerter: 27.2 mins, 9.3 pts, 3.2 reb, 2.8 ast, 42% FG, 39% 3P.

It’s not that Ayton had a bad rookie season, it’s just that other rookies performed better. At 6’5”, Gilgeous-Alexander has emerged as an outstanding defender registering a steal and 0.7 blocks per game. Actual draft slot: No. Over his final 20 outings, he averaged 12.8 points and 3.1 assists in 25.5 minutes while shooting 52.6 percent overall and 51.2 percent from deep. He has this season's third-most triples (243) and the third-highest conversion rate ever for someone with 240-plus threes (44.8), trailing only Stephen Curry and...Stephen Curry. Gilgeous-Alexander did not look out of place while starting 72 of 81 games for the Clippers. Ayton, Jackson, and Young are all in close contention for the 2nd best player in this class.

Some argue that Doncic has produced the best second-year ever. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The 2018 NBA Draft was an interesting one. Redrafting the 2018 NBA Draft The NBA draft is often the highlight of the season for some teams, especially when a franchise altering player declares for the draft. Williams' track record is light on...well, everything, but his athleticism and interior instincts are enough to get him re-drafted two picks lower than his actual draft slot.

He's the only member of this draft who's already leading a postseason charge. How can a person win Rookie of the Year in their second season. Actual pick: Mohamed Bamba Let’s get into it. 14, Denver Nuggets. So far, Huerter has shot 38 percent from three and scored 9.6 points per game for his career.

Social +Staff writer for The Comeback & Awful Announcing. These players have had one full season and about two-thirds of this one to establish themselves in the NBA. In 44 games before going down with a thumb injury, Carter Jr. averaged 10.3 points, 7.0 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.3 blocks per game. Although his field goal percentage has taken a dip, down 4% from his rookie season, he has upped his three-point percent to almost 40% (39.7%). Other than mistrusting that sentence, the article is pretty strong and informative. Actual draft slot: No.1 Phoenix Suns, This pick is strictly based on Porter’s massive potential, as he has drawn comparisons to Kevin Durant in the past. Josh Okogie was originally drafted 20th overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves.

11, Charlotte Hornets (traded to Los Angeles Clippers).

His lack of playing time is a massive problem because I believe Robinson to be the Knick’s best player. The biggest surprise of Sexton’s game has to be the perimeter shooting.

The NBA draft is often the highlight of the season for some teams, especially when a franchise altering player declares for the draft. Due to the number of fouls he picks up, Robinson’s career minutes per game are a measly 21.8 MPG. He hasn't packed as much of a scoring punch, but he has already hit averages in assists (3.8) and rebounds (4.1) that Thompson has never reached. He is a capable defender, a good three-point shooter and a great finisher at the rim. For now, though, we're mostly bullish about Porter's potential. 11:29. The 2014 NBA Draft is a memorable one because it featured two superstar centers, one of which (Nikola Jokic) wasn't drafted until the middle of the second round. Gilgeous-Alexander's actual draft slot: No. He's only the fourth player from this class to average 15 points, three assists and two three-pointers.

Actual draft slot: No. Actual pick: Mikal Bridges (traded to Phoenix Suns)

The 2020-21 NBA season is scheduled to begin right before Christmas. Through two seasons, he’s put up 7.5 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists in 20 minutes per game. It would help if he hit more threes (career 32.8 percent) or created more shots (1.4 assists), especially if he's being used as a wing, but he's fine in a supporting role.

Jackson Jr. turned out to be the perfect selection for the Grizzlies. He is only improving on the offensive end, although at the moment, he doesn’t need to do much more. Doncic’s crafty offensive skill set allowed him to score in a variety of ways. Even in a re-draft, you eventually start throwing darts, so why not see if Knox can make good on his two-way potential? The 2011 NBA Draft class will go down as one of the greatest in NBA history.

It was a very slow start, and many wrote him off, but he’s bounced back. Alongside Chris Paul, SGA’s game has improved tremendously in addition to his already-impressive rookie campaign. Only 4 rookies have ever made a higher percentage than Trae while shooting as many as he does (Mitchell, Markkanen, Lillard, Iverson). He's equal parts floor-spacer and rim-protector, plus he has the lateral quickness to handle defensive switches onto almost anyone.

Those allergic to repetition needn't worry. There are a few more productive players on the board, but none is more tailor-made for the modern game than Jaren Jackson Jr.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing when it comes to the NBA draft as we can look back and see the mistakes various GMs over the course of any given draft … Young is on pace to become only the fifth player to average 29 points and nine assists, and he's doing that while also splashing 3.4 triples at a 36.1 percent clip. When the Bulls originally drafted Wendell, they had Lauri and Portis as their PF rotation.

Dončić has had a historic start to his career, putting up numbers that haven’t been seen since LeBron James. Jackson is already one of the best rookies in his draft class, yet he also has the potential to be even better.

Marvin Bagley could end up being one of those guys whose legacy is the guy drafted after him.

28. He is currently averaging 30.1 points per game, 9.5 assists per game, and 10 rebounds per game. Sexton is one of the NBA’s best young scoring guards, and his game should continue to grow if he becomes a better playmaker and an even more efficient shooter. Still, the 7-footer with a 7'10" wingspan could yet provide the unicorn combo of spacing and shot-blocking. I think this is the easiest pick as Doncic has left most of his classmates in the dust. If he keeps this up, he could move up even higher on this list. There were many surprises, with some players being a draft “steal” and surpassing expectations, while others were “busts” and have failed to live up to expectations so far.