Emma enters the house seeing pictures of her younger self and clippings of the murders. Instantly find any Shtisel full episode available from all 2 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more! Emma enters the barn and finds nothing, causing her to question why she is dreaming about it. The killer enters the room where Branson is still handcuffed, cuts off his hand, and then cauterizes the wound with an iron. Emma is briefly attacked by Tom in his costume, but she locks him out of her room. At the annual Lakewood Halloween Dance, Audrey alerts Emma of her findings, but Emma doubts this, upsetting Audrey. In preparation for his possible (and hopefully iconic) death, Noah lets Audrey know how much he wants to remain besties with her in the afterlife. MTV AND ALL RELATED TITLES AND LOGOS ARE TRADEMARKS OF VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC. Kiana Lede, Santiago Segura and Sean Grandillo tell John Karna about their new characters on Scream: The TV Series Season 2 and weigh in on whether or not they can be trusted.

Audrey and Noah find a video in Rachel's files that could connect Kieran to her and Nina's murders. There, Stavo, Noah (now published authors, having written a book about the murders of their friends) and their book editor Jeremy plan to research Anna Hobbs—a girl who supposedly killed her mother, brother, and the man having an affair with her mother, Reginald Whitman—in the hopes of writing a new book. Later, Emma returns home and tells Maggie that her father is back in Lakewood. Audrey begins suspecting Eli as the killer after a fight between him and Kieran leads to Emma telling Audrey about a restraining order against Eli by a girl in Atlanta.

A new patient who has a link to Dean Munsch's past checks into the institute with the intention of winning her back; a jealous Brock further questions his relationship with Chanel; and Chamberlain and Zayday try to learn the origins of the Green Meanie killer. There, Jake is murdered with a scythe but goes unnoticed by Emma and Brooke. They headed off to an island, but they quickly realized that the dark past of the island might mean a new killer could emerge from the shadows and start killing them off. However, he escapes and discovers a picture of Billie and the real Alex Whitman, revealing the Alex they know is an imposter and the killer; Alex, whose real name is Tom Martin, then kills Jeremy. Audrey is shocked when she finds Jake's body, and gets a call from the killer, forcing her to flee the scene.

Her death raises questions and causes yet another rift between Emma and Audrey. Later, a patient arrives with an incredible disorder that leads Chanel #3 and Cassidy to become closer.

Emma realizes Kieran is the killer after he mimics a phrase the killer used earlier; he confirms this by shooting Eli dead with the driver's gun. He wanted Emma and Audrey to suffer for killing her. Jeremy disappears after the party. While the killer stabs Haley to death, Emma and Audrey find Piper's long dead corpse (which was never found until now). Audrey lies to the police about the reason she called them. The crew that quarantines in a bubble together stays together as Season 4 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation premieres November 19. He also asks them to go to his house and clean off the murder board. For the third season, see "Scream: Season Three Ratings". Meanwhile Zoe's email is revealed to have been sent to Emma, who learns the truth about Audrey right before she was going to tell her. Audrey: You make it sound like he's a child you're gonna have to babysit. Emma then finishes her off with a bullet to the head, killing her. Jeremy is then locked in a closet by Alex, as everyone believes he is the killer. Meanwhile, Jake's betrayal causes Will to turn to Piper; both are attacked by the killer after Will returns the blackmailed money to Brooke's father and apologizes. He impersonates Tyler, which makes Riley question if he is still alive or not. A comedy-horror anthology series about a rash of murders on a college campus.

The gang unsuccessfully attempt to escape on Alex's boat, which was stolen. Meanwhile, Will gets into Duke University, although with no scholarship, he has to find another way to the money. And soon a new killer stalks the facility. Emma and Audrey are then forced to put their differences aside in order to save Noah and Zoe. He is then caught by police and arrested for the murders as well as his relationship with Brooke. September 20, 2016. Audrey hallucinates Rachel, making her kiss Noah.

The killer sneaks into Emma's room. Maggie reveals something else about Emma's past; Someone unexpected arrives in town; Noah investigates an unsettling new lead for his podcast. The boys accuse each other of being the killer. | Emma begins questioning herself and confronts Kieran. ©2020 Viacom International Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Emma turns to Ms. Lang for help when she has a hallucination of Piper. Maggie finds the note she left for Brandon James with blood on it and a knife pinning it to the tree. Eli watches Maggie.

Also, Maggie and Acosta continue to keep their secret while Acosta begins seriously suspecting his son is the killer. Noah and Audrey discover a large piece of evidence in Branson's classroom and turn it over to the police. Audrey is invited to a spooky party - where another one of her friends' corpses might be waiting.

Criminal Minds Season 13 ~ ONLINE STREAM. Both are unaware that a barely alive Branson is trapped inside the home with Eddie's corpse, about to burn to death. Choose a free episode to watch or watch a free random episode. Full Episodes. The frightful events of Halloween force Dean Munsch to notify authorities of murders at the Institute, which leads to a surprising influx of new patients. Noah and Audrey recover footage on Nina's laptop which shows Emma and Will's first time having sex being recorded. The same night, Jake is secretly attacked by a new killer. Emma is in shock after witnessing Will's death, leaving her haunted. Kiana Lede, Santiago Segura and Sean Grandillo tell John Karna about their new characters on Scream: The TV Series Season 2 and weigh in on whether or not they can be trusted. Emma notices on Noah's murder mystery board a picture of a barn to which she makes a link of the place in her dreams. A memorial takes place for all of the victims of the killer. Emma and Audrey face off against the killer and unmask Piper's final surprise. Kieran's aunt, Tina, says that Kieran has to move to Atlanta because he is living in his dad's house without a guardian. From fights to hookups to breakdowns, everything is bigger in St. Petersburg, FL, on Floribama Shore Season 3. Emma is mad at Kieran for talking to Sheriff Acosta about her behind her back and Eli takes advantage of the situation to take Emma to an abandoned house and try to make a move on her.

He later calls them and tells them someone they love will die if they are recaptured by the police. Brooke is worried about Jake's sudden disappearance until a gift arrives in time for Kieran's birthday party. December 3, 201. Emma, Jake, Brooke, and Noah are led to an abandoned bowling alley, where they play a deadly game of hide and seek as they desperately search for Will.