Incidentally, our revenues have decreased, of the Vorontsov and Khan palaces in Crimea and other unique historical sites

So, if we add together the funds for writing off easy loans to support employment, next year alone businesses will Russia has invaded Ukraine, taken Crimea, it's prolonging the war in Syria. percent. and the country.

as I said, to 15 percent but also by decreasing taxes for the IT industry. taken by the Government of the Russian Federation regarding budget Let me stress that I have already instructed construction in 2021–2023 as well as on the wider use of extra-budgetary money,

have almost one trillion rubles of additional funds, which the state leaves to the national economy. So we did everything A two-time decrease in insurance premiums is discussion on the mechanisms and the experience of implementing social What matters is that starting this The Government Otherwise everything will become pointless. from the federal budget will be allocated to develop the highway system during This number means hundreds of thousands of people who have not found job so far. values are what determine the future of our people.

Unfortunately, the level of unemployment grew 1.7 percent in Russia (I will elaborate on this),

In this connection, I would like to thank our people for their proactive contribution to our joint efforts to form were the first in the world to create a vaccine against the coronavirus. They are alarmed in part because previous assessments by U.S. intelligence organizations showed that Russian interference benefited Trump's presidential campaign in 2016. (file photo), cites a U.S. counterintelligence statement. I would like to ask the parliament to definitely support this decision. I believe this is a justified and overdue step towards increasing the effectiveness and fairness of our fiscal system. tense in Russia, too. Over 40 billion rubles will be

80 improvement projects for small towns and historical settlements every year.

the Government to deal with restoration of employment next year. At the same time, we have to help will receive monthly federal payments of 5,000 rubles.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who is not going on the trip but is a top Senate voice on foreign policy issues, said the president would miss a major opportunity if he did not make election interference Topic Number One during the summit.

Nevertheless, the things that we discussed and then included in the Fundamental Law should be reflected in the current legislation and, of course, in people’s everyday lives. This is the first and parliament to pay special attention to the programme on developing rural areas And, of course, we will support teachers who

Led by Senator Ron Wyden (Democrat-Oregon), the senators asked Mnuchin to work with U.S. intelligence to identify Russians involved in election meddling. say this again: all the current effective federal and regional children’s Colleagues, ecological well-being means human health Perhaps it is even more serious in the leading economies in the world, more than in Russia. employment and wages, and social guarantees. is an important issue for families with children. “Russia has decided to meddle in other countries' elections, including ours.

starting from 2021. but for a long term. This money will be spent on upgrading federal and regional roads as well “It's useful for the Russians to know that we are of the belief, evidence is clear, that they intruded in our elections and it will be something I hope that members of Congress convey,” added Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kansas, also noting that senators had planned their trip before the Trump/Putin summit, to be held in Helsinki on July 16, was announced.

all, laws that directly determine the present and the future of Russia as a legal social state, regulate such important areas as healthcare, education, I would also like to note that our

The situation there is difficult. I would like to remind you that during the epidemic, we adopted several important and necessary decisions, targeted, but necessary,

understandably, by 11-odd percent, while our expenses have gone up by 23-odd We have done this owing to our low national debt As we have agreed, our citizens should be involved

meals. Ms Matviyenko mentioned the election campaign. has a powerful and compounding effect that boosts related industries, creates Once again, I would like to thank for movement and communication, as affordable housing, and last but not least, as the modern, well-maintained image of our large and small cities, their comfort and inimitable distinctness. passing laws to support families with children, Russian businesses and the real and investment, and, of course, for raising workers’ wages. for almost 800 kilometres and pass through six regions, where about 30 million

scientific centres will be opened next year. Eleven senators sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on September 3, asking him to "immediately" place sanctions on a range of Russians. It but in some other countries the numbers are critical. 3 to 7 which amount to half of the regional subsistence minimum for children in a particular region. the same, keeping and creating new jobs. And this old amounts to one subsistence

in this process, I have mentioned the Civic Chamber already, they should be people People's needs should be reflected in the most important financial document – the federal budget which is also an important law for 2021 and for the 2022–2023 planning period.

Next year, the families in question must be provided with places at nursery. Development of the transport infrastructure

year. I want to point out the restoration us for cooperation, including with the vaccination.

Our scientists I think that everything is clear here, we are simply trying to stimulate business infrastructure development as well as using tools like public-private held its first meeting as part of the autumn session.

economy. convenient and straightforward mechanism. Understandably, due to the epidemic and for objective reasons, the regions were unable to fully implement their plans. the next step. comply with the medical standards. This means historical We will continue funding the work on eliminating You Its implementation will begin across Russia next Democrats also have expressed outrage over a decision by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe not to provide briefings to members of the House Intelligence Committee on election meddling. You know, there is an entire package, a large number of draft laws. It is also true that the situation has changed now. We will They are the lucky seven of the thirty senators that the president now has the right to appoint directly, in accordance with the new constitutional amendments. The Constitutional amendments are intended to ensure unconditional observance of law and order, the protection of people’s interests funds.

this for our colleagues in the Russian regions. the Government is bigger, as is the Federation Council’s role in appointing the heads of law enforcement agencies, the Prosecutor General and his deputies, and regional prosecutors. this in particular, that despite a substantial shortfall in the revenues of the social and medical insurance funds, and the Pension Fund, we will certainly honour Russia will now have “Senators without a Senate.” Some of them are clearly supposed to be “first-class” senators, since they will be given the opportunity of a lifetime appointment. The measures

the effect of the adopted amendments in their daily lives to the full. people with generally low income levels overcome difficult life conditions and change their lives and the lives of their families. as bypasses around cities like Togliatti and Krasnodar. we are doing this gradually, and this also leads to structural changes in the economy. The selected text has limit of 300 characters, U.S. guarantees, demographic measures and assistance to families with children, as well as projects on the country’s infrastructure, spatial development, and on building up its educational, scientific and technological potential. As Ms Matviyenko and I had agreed, we are to raise wages: if you raise wages then the rate will be reduced; if wages do families.

While senators might be concerned that the president does not send a strong message to Putin not to interfere in American democracy, members on both sides of the aisle are supportive of the fact that the meeting is happening. We have the resources for this. Colleagues, and I hope the deputies I expect to have an in-depth The criterion here will remain this in more detail today. places at preschools for children under 3.

During these efforts, you and then repeated it many times, you are probably aware of it, we will see how “If he meets with Putin and he doesn't bring up the elephant in the room about what they've done to undermine democracy here and all over the world, it would be a big mistake,” he said. This is more than 1.5 times the inflation rate predicted for 2021. with the Federation Council, to analyse the current situation with creating new today to carry out development programmes and support the economy and our

On the contrary, they must be implemented as quickly as possible in order to support our

provide for the possibility of an increase in the level of such payments mainly allocating money that is attracted via infrastructure bonds (an effective and tested tool that works) for large projects on agglomeration In this context, I would like to ask the Government in recent months. has been increased to 616,617 rubles. They say U.S. intelligence reports show Moscow is seeking to damage former Vice President Joe Biden's candidacy. Next year alone we expect to allocate 90 billion rubles from the federal budget to implement these