Email: Ph: 705-561-6178 Visit the Province’s website for more information. Limits on social gatherings: 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors. SCHEME OF PUBLICATION. Widespread use of face coverings by all persons decreases the spread of respiratory droplets. Website:, Mandy Rainville Community Action Networks provide resources to make this happen. Over 165 active volunteers have supported 200 local people in need through lockdown via the Sudbury Community Network (SCN), thank you.


Facebook: Onaping Falls CAN, Email: Home. © 2020 Children's Community Network. Ph: 705-929-9621 The GSSCN works to: improve and maintain communication and working relations among seniors’ service providers, Limits do not apply to gatherings in staffed businesses and facilities. Credit Counselling Sudbury. Our plan supports the City of Greater Sudbury Food Charter, Strengthen and build community by ensuring that local neighbourhoods, particularly underserved areas have opportunities for community, school, and neighborhood gardening, Develop outreach, education, and skill building programs to cultivate and sustain community-based gardens, Build support for community-based gardening through networking, advocacy, and activism. COVID-19 (Corona Virus) update. Tel: 01787 310610. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. And watch for some interesting social media contests to share your experiences and your success! Check for further developments and business support services at COVID-19 GUIDANCE. Facebook: Ward 1 CAN - Sudbury, Rachelle Niemela The GSSCN chairperson reports to the Seniors Advisory Panel at monthly meetings acting on behalf of the network. It is designed to encourage residents to stay active and productive at home during the COVID-19 emergency and to gain skills that can be used to garden in the future. CANs enable citizens to participate, appreciate, and fully understand the services offered by community organizations and groups. Widespread use of face coverings by all persons decreases the spread of respiratory droplets. COMMITTEE STRUCTURES. Our gardeners learn healthy eating, food security, gardening and conservation. Email:, Claude Charbonneau Facebook: Garson Falconbridge Community Action Network, Dean Eyre The Greater Sudbury Seniors Community Network (GSSCN) is a network of multiple organizations and agencies that gather quarterly to communicate and respond to the needs and issues of seniors in Greater Sudbury. Cultivate Your Neighbourhood. Through the generosity of the Greater Sudbury Housing Corporation, free soil will be delivered to select housing complexes in the City of Greater Sudbury. Facebook: Azilda Community Action Network More . Facebook: Walden Community Action Network (CAN), Peter Furino SUDBURY MARKET WATCH COUNCIL MEETINGS ... HERITAGE CENTRE council. Once … We are ready to help you through financial uncertainty. COUNCILLORS . Find out how we are supporting you with free volunteer income tax filing, navigation of the new COVID-19 benefits, help with dealing with your lending institutions, and free confidential credit counselling advice. Visit the Province’s website for more information. Email: A city-wide pilot project is being undertaken in 2020 throughout the City of Greater Sudbury to encourage more people to grow food. If you are unable to travel to this location, contact us and we'll do our best to help you out. Email: We are keen to also … MAYOR OF SUDBURY.

SUDBURY COMMUNITY GARDEN NETWORK. The Network, managed by our Crisis Coordination team (our temporarily re-assigned Tourist Information Team) together with our Community Wardens have match volunteers and their skills with needs created by the COVID-19 emergency. There is no limit to the number of residents who can participate at any of the complexes. SCN incorporates local churches, charities, councils, organisations and community volunteers working together in a rope of hope to create more positive outcomes. Colleen Zilio, Chair Contact Us. Limits on social gatherings: 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors. Certain exemptions apply. If you are able to make a donation to the Home Garden Project, here are a few options: When making a donation, please ensure you indicate that it is for the “Home Garden Project”. For general information about Community Action Networks, please call the City of Greater Sudbury at 311. The Sudbury Community Garden Network is the proud recipient of the 2018 Sudbury Community Builders Awards – Environment! To increase opportunities and access to community gardening in the Sudbury District. The Sudbury Community Foundation … Community gardens in Sudbury are created, planted, maintained and harvested by a small army of “hyper-active” volunteers and local food champions who are dedicated to building a healthy community. Community Action Networks have been formed in the following areas: Cathy Castanza Healthy Communities are strong and vibrant.

Watch the recording of our last meeting for a discussion on how to put your gardens to bed in the fall! develop and deliver educational forums with a focus on issues related to seniors. Residents who are eligible for this program will receive a flyer that will be delivered to their home explaining how they can participate. Sudbury Community Service Centre. Ph: 705-674-0242 They fill that need for community gardens to learn from each other, share resources and work collaboratively. Email: