We welcome collaborative entries such as packaging innovations developed jointly between a brands and packaging companies, and multi-stakeholder projects.

The exhibitions organized by Zuecca Projects has included artists and architects such as Eisenman Architects, Jonas Mekas, Marina Abramović , TO Arquitectos, Juergen Teller, Ai Weiwei and Izolyatsia, to name a few. Innovations in packaging that do more with less.

It is the advertiser’s responsibility to gain acknowledgement of receipt of confirmation of cancellation in writing. The category of Integrated Sustainable Building Design (ISBD) is intended for undergraduate and/or graduate students of mixed disciplines with enough training to work collaboratively on the building, mechanical and electrical design.

My idea is to create a removable lining for cardboard boxes that are used in the canteens across LSBU’s campus for food take-out. Your idea should consider its real-world impact and contribution towards a healthy and responsible economy. The general waste bins were also full of cardboard boxes that should be recycled. A selection of industry experts representing the whole value chain will vote independently on the submissions. Advertisers and other content providers are responsible for ensuring that such material complies with international and national law. Innovations in engineering that have increased production line environmental efficiencies (in energy or water consumption or waste reduction) or facilitated adoption of sustainable packaging materials. Machinery: innovations in engineering that have increased production line environmental efficiencies (in energy or water consumption or waste reduction) or facilitated adoption of sustainable packaging materials. This clause applies retrospectively to all past editions and the advertiser explicitly accepts its retrospective effect. It is not possible for Packaging Europe magazine to fully and effectively monitor Messages infringement of third-party rights. My mum has always encouraged me to use my voice to make a difference. We welcome a wide range of visual and performing arts-related pieces that have one or more of the SDGs as a focus area. The goal of the Sustainability Art Competition is to educate students and the Penn State community about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using the creative expression and art as a conversational tool. Each year the competition sees ever growing engagement, assessing submissions from start-ups and global brands by the same, carefully considered criteria.

The winning entry will see their idea rolled out at LSBU next year, receive a place on IdeaHack and an Institute of Directors (IOD) Student Membership. Disclaimer: Youth Opportunities spreads opportunities for your convenience and ease based on available information, and thus, does not take any responsibility of unintended alternative or inaccurate information. Packaging Europe reserves the right to make final judgements on such questions. Advertising, Third Party Content and other Web Sites. Additional Terms apply to your use of Packaging Europe magazine Content.

Zuecca Projects is a not for profit organization founded in Venice that has developed internationl art and architecture projects since 2011. The first round will determine four finalists in each category.

If so, it's time to.

Eco Challenge 11.0: Sustainability Awards 2020. 7.

Whenever the Terms are changed, Packaging Europe magazine will notify you by e-mail or by publishing the revised terms on the website. Large organisations with multiple business units are encouraged to coordinate internally to decide which innovations or initiatives to nominate. Preferred and guaranteed positions are sold at an extra premium.

You are solely responsible for the confidentiality and use of and access to Packaging Europe Content and the Site and/or Digital Applications using your user name and/or password. The first ever virtual meeting of the Working Group on Competition Law was held on 1 October 2020. L'Oréal Sustainability Challenge 2020 is Business & Engineering Competition organised by L'Oréal | Case Study, Treasure Hunt, Simulation Game L'Oréal Sustainability Challenge 2020 We serve cookies to deliver our services, personalise information and improve your experience. Teams may be comprised of a minimum of one and a maximum of ten members, which must include the following roles, in the case of more than one member. I like doing things where I can use my skills and experience, whilst applying the theory I’m learning to real-world problems like recycling. In case of selection, the participation requires an exhibition management fee of 800€. The copyrights and property of the projects and materials submitted remain with the respective applicant at all times.

We are inviting students from all seven schools to propose innovative ideas with workable plans for practical application at LSBU.

Pre-Commercialized Innovation: sustainable packaging innovations of any type that have not yet been launched on the market. A response will be sent only in case of selection. You are responsible for all content you post. There are two rounds of voting. For all categories (except ‘Pre-Commercialized Innovation’) submissions that are products or technologies must be already commercially launched.

My inspiration came mainly from sitting in LSBU’s canteen. Individual judges’ grading and comments during deliberation will remain confidential. There will be no extensions to contracted advertising time period due to delayed arrival of creative.

The Working Group on Competition Law is made up of a large number of university professors from law and economics faculties, high-ranking representatives of national and European competition authorities and ministries, as well as judges from the antitrust divisions of the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court and the Federal Court of Justice. People need to be more aware. Carl Thomas, one of LSBU’s Student Enterprise Managers has been really helpful in sharing tips and tricks on how to get my message out there. The organization of dedicated events for participants and sponsors involved, can be discussed with the organization. I’m hoping that in a year’s time, my product idea will have been implemented across all the university canteens.

Deadline for submissions: June 21, 2020. In the future I’m also keen to implement this in other universities. The production and shipping to/from the exhibition space in Venice of the selected materials, is at architects’/designers’/companies’ expenses.

Please refer to the descriptions of the individual categories for information about eligibility to enter a particular category. but the key criteria on which entries are judged are 1) a statement outlining the entry and what is innovative about it, and 2) the impact it has had or is projected to have.

14. Submissions will be reviewed by Zuecca Projects Management and Curatorial team.

For the avoidance of doubt any elements that are voided will not be refunded. There will be no variation in this clause.

Information for new and returning students in 2020/21. If a product or innovation has been submitted to the Sustainability Awards in the past, it cannot be submitted a second time unless it has undergone sufficient advancement to be considered effectively a new entity. Launching its fourth edition, Loreal is back with the Sustainability Challenge 2020. 8.

We believe the deeper value in sponsorship comes from more than just brand alignment and logo visibility, but truly engaging with the value chain in the search for better sustainable solutions and strategies. The Sustainability Awards promotes rigorous assessment of substantive impacts. Submissions must be uploaded on Moodle by 12:00 Noon on Friday 22nd May 2020 to be considered by the judging panel. 3.

In the second round, the entire judging panel will assess all finalists across all competition categories. 6.

We are inviting students from all seven schools to propose innovative ideas with workable plans for practical application at LSBU. On request we can share any remarks they may have made, on an anonymous basis. 15. Barrier solutions based on Cellulose NanoCrystals by Melodea Ltd, Israel‍tara-cool TC20 tempered transport box based onbio-degradable material and trackingby Taracell AG, SwitzerlandFlowPap® Evo, plastic-free, biodegradable and heat-sealablepaper packagingby Pyroll Group Oy, FinlandGlobe Soap - a thin foil tube made of compostable cellulose,a sisal band, and a wooden (spruce) ball by popular packaging, Germany, LuxCR™ process, which depolymerises mechanically recoveredPET back into the monomer unit bis(2-hydroxyethylterephthalate) or BHET byDuPont Teijin Films, LuxembourgDelamination and deinking of plastic surfaces by CadelDeinking, SpainDetecta - black plastic packaging with no carbon blackpigment by Quinn Packaging, IrelandRecycle Pro - disrupting the Nigerian recycling industryby Recycle Pro Innovation, NigeriaHolyGrail full-value chain Pioneer Project investigating howtagging packaging can impact more accurate sorting and high-quality recyclingby New Plastics Economy, Belgium), EcoStitch all-electric hot melt gluing solutionby Valco Melton, USANowa Packaging - forming fibres in dry conditions into 3D packaging by The Loop Factory AB, SwedenCombined technology to run fully recyclable packaging material without speed limitations by SN Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany‍DigiColor / IoD n inking system that uses fewer grams of inkin the print unit by Bobst Firenze Srl, Italy, Loop: the new circular shopping platform with reusable packaging by TerraCycle, USAComprehensive sustainability strategy by Ardagh Group, UKCEFLEX - driving towards the circular economy for flexible packaging by CEFLEX, NetherlandsSocial Plastic Ecosystem – partnership with Plastic Bank social enterprise, aiming to stop ocean plastic and provide opportunities for people in poverty by Henkel Beauty Care, Germany, Biodegradable and marine degradable fibre compositeby Plafco Fibertech, FinlandMixpac Ecopacc collapsible cartridge for adhesive applicationsby Sulzer Mixpac AG, SwitzerlandManufacture of PET Drums using the CYPET Processby CYPETTechnologies, CyprusTide Eco-Box designed to reduce packaging and plastic, emissions, and losses by Procter & Gamble, USA, Wave Bag - protection, paper recyclability and logistics savings from a paper envelope by OFFMAR Srl, ItalyFinish 0% Eco Pouch - fully recyclable all-PE packagingby Reckitt Benckiser, NetherlandsAll-PP mono-material pouch solution for dry foods by Jindal Films / Unilever / Mondi collaboration, LuxembourgX-CYCLE PE recyclable barrier and metal-free packagingby A.Hatzopoulos SA, Greece).

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As this is not the official page, we recommend you to visit the official website of opportunity provider for complete information. I’ve always been interested in doing projects outside of my course. Once our generation are aware of an issue, we really try to do something about it.

Judges should recuse themselves from judging any submission where there is a conflict of interest, in particular if they represent or have a commercial relationship with the organization that made the submission. Baking paper has proven to be the best option as it’s more durable. Watch to Learn about week's most popular opportunities! Judges are to base their decisions on their objective assessment of the merits of entries and are instructed that no preference should be given to past or present Packaging Europe contributors, advertisers or sponsors.