On day four, solar-simulated ultraviolet radiation, passed through a WG295 Schott selective UVB band high pass filter to eliminate wavelengths less than 295 nm was administered to each patch of treated skin.

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im wondering how do yall go about applying the caffeine solution undereyes?

I haven't used TO Caffeine solution, but I have been using The Inkey List Caffeine eye serum lately.

I have relatively oily skin and it usually doesn't react to products, and I haven't reacted to any of the other TO products I've tried. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

It reduces my puffiness in minutes. My skin already didn’t agree with their Azelaic Acid. It makes it look plump and well rested, which I am not lol. But I bought it because of so many good reviews and recommendations so it’s probably best just trying it out. Sort by. Did it ever irritate your eyes? Patted it, rubbed it, used a little, used a lot, once a day, twice a day you name it. Thanks!

I’m sorry for asking so much but I have a lot of pigmentation around my eyes, Posted it!! Be kind and respectful, bullying will not be tolerated.

It got rid of the pigmentation I had in my under eye aka my dark circles and also decreased the sunken ness of my eye. Be careful with acids- overuse can lead to over exfoliation. Fat prolapse can happen due to various reasons like volume loss of our bones etc due to aging and undereye hollowness is also associated with under developed jaw , so only fillers and surgery can fix the hollowness not a tonic .

Did they recommend a product for dark circles? Do you mean hollowness? Review - The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5%+EGCG and Lactic Acid (5%) Review In case anyone is interested in purchasing The Ordinary Caffeine solution and can't find any reviews (I couldn't find any) I thought to leave this here. If possible, can you upload before/after pics? ive been using the caffeine solution for at least 2 months now and feel like ive had no difference which is strange because every TO product helps my skin so drastically and this such a minuscule problem. I think it's made a noticeable difference to my dark circles and generally seems to make the skin around my eyes happier and less dry :), I like the caffeine solution, i put it on after hyaluronic acid (i dont put HA under my eyes) then i put the caffeine solution on and as thats sinking in a moisturise my face, then i use the cerave eye cream over the top.

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