Years go by and these great actors pass away, but will always still be with us through their good works on this earth and in their films. That movie, along with the comedy ''The Senator Was Indiscreet,'' in which he played the title role of a charming bumbler, won him the 1947 best-actor award of the New York Film Critics. Simple theme. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? His face was considered suited more to sinister than romantic roles, and throughout the silent-film era he invariably played cads and other villains. Please enter location or other information that may help the volunteer in fulfilling this request. We have set your language to ). He dropped out of college and joined the marines, served in WWII and upon discharge came home and re-enrolled in college.

In 1912, he played three bit parts in a play that closed after two weeks on tour and then he did a vaudeville stint. Seems he and his first wife made many attempts at reconciliation during their time together. I have decided to change it. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Entitled 'Gentleman: The William Powell Story.

Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles buys Glencoe 6-bedroom home for $2.8 million, Column: In memory of the amazing James Randi, ignore the charlatans and listen to science, Joel Daly, longtime ABC 7 news anchor, is dead at 86, Jim Loewenberg, prolific Chicago developer who backed Lakeshore East and its Aqua and Vista towers, dies at 86, Holly Williams Madigan, who was active in Chicago’s civic life, dies, Chicago jazz great Ira Sullivan dies at 89. Tracy and Hepburn seemed to like to play at war; Powell and Loy seemed to savor playing at play. His quip belied his serious view of his craft. What a hreat power couple they would have made.So sad that William had such personal tragedies with the deaths of his 1st wife, 2nd wife Carole Lombard, his lover Jean Harlow, and then his son's suicide. With such crushing blows to this man, it wouldn't have been surprising if he had become one of the self-destructive Hollywood sad stories. He could play it all -- and well. You have chosen this person to be their own family member. I thought that child looked like the one who played Nick Jr in one of the Thin Man movies. Only Hitchcock could look @ Nick & Nora Charles & see a serial killer & broken down old whore! All photos uploaded successfully, click on the Done button to see the photos in the gallery. Pretty hard to hide that trait. Reportedly William and Jean were deeply in love and wanted to marry, but their movie studio forbid it.

Resend Activation Email. "The Anarchist Cookbook" author William Powell is contemplative looking out over Hong Kong. He was always among the favorite to work with by all his leading ladies. Princeton. William Powell’s The Anarchist Cookbook was used by … He was quite the Hollywood treasure and it's a shame that they have never acknowledged or honored him as he should be. I too concur that William Powell should have been awarded some type of tribute for his work in the entertainment industry during his lifetime. William Powell remains one of the greatest film actors of all time. Also his elevator & drag antics in Love Me Again. If anyone wants to learn what great acting is, these are the ones to study. She and his father, Horatio Warren Powell, an accountant, wanted him to become a lawyer, but the boy was drawn early to Pittsburgh's Bijou Theater, where he haunted the gallery, studied the performers and, at home, imitated the actors. Suffering from advanced colon cancer and a drug addiction, William had to stop touring with the group in 1976, he died of cancer two years after being diagnosed in 1975. Almost a year later.. So sorry to hear of his son's tragic ending . They had their first hit "Lonely Drifter" that same year.